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Bump on an Eyelid…What is It? 5 Questions About Styes

bump on an eyelid

bump on an eyelidDo you have a red bump on an eyelid that came out of nowhere? Chances are, it’s probably a stye. If it is, there’s no need to fret. Styes are generally harmless, and they can usually be treated from home. But it’s important to know that if your kid gets a stye, they are are at higher risk of getting another. To keep your child from panicking every time they get one, learn about the causes and how to treat them.

Bump on Eyelid? Here’s What You Need to Know:

1: What are Styes?

A stye is a bump on an eyelid caused by a blocked oil gland. It can appear on the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, the outside of the eyelid, or even at the edge of the eyelid where your eyelashes are.

2: What Causes Styes?

Eyelids have oil glands that produce an oil that naturally blends with tears to keep your eyes lubricated. These glands can get clogged with anything from oil and dead skin cells to bacteria. This causes liquid to build up in the clogged gland, which forms a bump on an eyelidkind of like a pimple.

3: What Can I Do to Treat a Stye at Home?

Now that you know styes are caused by a backup of oil, you can treat it accordingly. Start by applying a clean, warm washcloth to the eyelid for a few minutes. Repeat this process throughout the day. This should help loosen up the oil. If that doesn’t work, you can purchase a special eye-scrub soap at the pharmacy. Your child should avoid wearing contact lenses until the stye is gone.

4: When Should I See a Doctor for a Stye?

Don’t hesitate to see a doctor if your child has any of these problems:

  1. If your child has pain in the eyeball or problems seeing
  2. If there swelling or redness in any other part of the eye or face
  3. If the stye doesn’t disappear after a few day or if it gets worse

The doctor can prescribe an antibiotic cream/drops. If necessary, a doctor can also make a small incision to drain the clogged-up material.

5: What Can Be Done to Prevent Styes?

  1. Clean their eyelids every day with baby soap.
  2. Disinfect contact lenses properly.
  3. Throw away old eye make-up and clean off any eye makeup before bed.

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