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Father’s Day 2020 – Longview-Inspired Gift Ideas and More

father's day 2020

father's day 2020

June 21st is Father’s Day, the day that we celebrate the wonderful men in our lives. This is the one day where fathers are the center of attention and get spoiled and loved a little extra. Although you may have to get a little creative for Father’s Day 2020, there’s still lots you can do.

Here are a few ideas on ways to celebrate Father’s Day 2020 while social distancing:

  • Let him sleep in and serve his favorite breakfast in bed when he wakes up.
  • Take him to a drive-in movie, if there’s one in your city
  • Host a movie marathon all day with all of his favorite movies.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt with clues that lead him to his Father’s Day present.

Locally-Inspired Gift Ideas:

Below are a few gift certificate ideas that will make him happy while supporting local businesses in Longview.

Or you can go with traditional Father’s Day gift ideas. Big sporting goods stores have remained open throughout the pandemic, and other stores are now beginning to open as well. But online ordering is still the safer way to get what you need during this time:

  • Items for the grill
  • A sports jersey of his favorite team
  • Smartwatch
  • Back and neck massager

Celebrating holidays are not the same during this pandemic, but it does allow us to be creative. Dad would surely appreciate homemade gifts from the kids, like pictures, paintings, or coasters. Showing how much we love and care about someone does not always come from what we give them. But what matters most is the time we spend with them, the moments we share, and the love and care that we show each and every day. Sometimes a long hug is all someone needs to feel special.

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