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  • Pediatric & Adult Emergencies
  • ER-Certified Nurses & Doctors
  • On-Site Lab & Radiology (X-Ray, CT Scans)
  • Private Rooms with Flat-Screen TVs
  • Hotel-Style ER Facility
  • Family Owned & Operated

All Commercial Insurance & Cash Pay Accepted
(No Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare)

Comfortable, Luxurious ER in Galveston with NO Wait Time

When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is wait indefinitely to see a doctor in a cold, crowded emergency room. Today, there is another option.

Hospitality Health ER in Galveston is elevating the ‘emergency room experience’ with hotel-like accommodations. You’ll walk into the comfort of a state-of-the-art emergency facility and immediately be cared for by a knowledgeable, compassionate team of healthcare professionals.

All of our patient rooms are private. A VIP Room is also available for extended stays

comfort health care

Or walk in to our Galveston ER at
4222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

Family Owned ER

Family Owned & Operated.
Board-Certified ER Doctors
in Galveston

Unlike other corporate-run ERs, Hospitality Health ER is owned and operated by a family of healthcare professionals. The mission of our emergency room in Galveston is to bring personalized attention back into healthcare: Patients First, Business Second. All of our ER doctors in Galveston are board-certified with many years of experience. Some of our doctors are local to the area, so you’ll get even more of the hometown feel when you visit.

All Commercial Insurance & Cash Pay Accepted
(No Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare)

Emergency Room in Galveston for Children, Adults, Locals, and Travelers

Looking for a pediatrician in Galveston that is open all night? No worries. Hospitality Health ER in Galveston is staffed with pediatric-trained doctors and nurses around the clock. Many of us are parents, just like you, so we understand that all you want is your child to feel better quickly. We can help. And because we are one of the only ERs in Galveston — a growing city with one of the busiest ports in the United States — we are prepared to treat locals and travelers, children and adults.

deductible and co-insurance portion

Or walk in to our Galveston ER at
4222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

From Minor Injuries to
Medical Emergencies

Just like a hospital ER, Hospitality Health ER in Galveston is equipped to handle everything from fractures, broken bones, and abdominal pain to respiratory trouble, dehydration, and chest pain. While urgent care clinics in Galveston have limited services they can provide, Hospitality Health ER has the resources at hand to treat minor to severe medical conditions.

All of our state-of-the-art patient rooms are equipped with hospital beds, IV fluid machines, and cardiac monitors. We offer full radiology and imaging capabilities including X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, ultrasound, and EKG. Our facility also has a certified, full-service laboratory on-site that is open 24 hours a day to perform cardiac enzyme, RSV, flu and mono tests, urinalysis, complete blood count, and much more. With in-house diagnostic testing, we are able to deliver results quickly — sometimes in the matter of minutes!v

On Vacation? Emergency Care
in Galveston is Close By

The number of emergency room visits in Galveston is at its highest during Spring Break and summertime. That’s because the population in Galveston quadruples during peak seasons and we see more cases of severe sunburn, heat stroke, dehydration, alcohol poisoning, and jellyfish bites. Let’s not forget all the other conditions that travelers have to manage while away from home like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and so on.

While dealing with a medical emergency or medical condition away from home can be scary, Hospitality Health ER, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality care by a top-rated emergency facility in Galveston. To give you more peace of mind, HHER operates two other thriving ERs in Texas.

You can even check out our Google ratings right here.


Or walk in to our Galveston ER at
4222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

ER reception desk

Billing Made Fair and Simple

You’ve already gone through enough discomfort, so our goal is to make this part as painless as possible for you. Because Hospitality Health ER in Galveston is family-owned and handles its own billing, we won’t have you lost in a complex billing maze. Expect to receive just one bill for your visit. And because we do not utilize a third-party billing agency as other medical facilities do, we are able to make decisions regarding payment terms and insurance contracts to help our patients.

All Commercial Insurance & Cash Pay Accepted
(No Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare)


Great question. For situations that require emergency surgery or blood transfusions, Hospitality Health ER is equipped to stabilize patients before transporting them and admitting them to a hospital for surgical care or more complex procedures. For non-emergency situations, Hospitality Health ER will schedule an appointment with a specialist.

It’s important to note that in most hospital admission and surgery cases, the overall time from seeing the doctor to receiving treatment is typically less with Hospitality Health ER because of shorter wait times, direct admission, quicker imaging, and faster lab results. Once you’ve been seen by Hospitality Health ER, you will not have to go through another admissions process at the hospital ER. You essentially skip the waiting room.

You will be charged according to your insurance plan’s ER benefits. Note that your insurance company must process your ER visit as in-network.  You will pay your ER copay and the remainder of your deductible and co-insurance portion will be invoiced later. For cash paying patients, our billing office will work in your best interest to come up with a reasonable payment plan.

Yes, we do, just like we accept other private or commercial insurances.

We operate just like a hospital emergency room, so there is no need to make an appointment. All our patients are ‘walk-in’ patients.

If you’re looking for an emergency room in Hitchcock, Santa Fe, La Marque and Texas City, Hospitality Health ER in Galveston is not too far away.