Dr. Hall Emergency Room

Dr. Pam Hall

“Hospitality ER is staffed with board certified doctors that have vast experience in emergency medicine so you know when you come here, you will be treated correctly.”

Pam is a fourth generation Texan from South Texas who completed her residency in Corpus Christi at the local county trauma hospital. She worked in the Emergency Department at Corpus Christi Medical Center for over 20 years, holding positions as Medical Director, Chairman of the Emergency Department and Chief of Staff. Working at Hospitality Health ER is her dream job because she has so much more time to spend with her patients, providing them with quality, caring medical treatment. Pam is married with two children who are pursuing college and graduate degrees. In her spare time, she practices yoga, travels especially to hiking destinations, and works with her husband on their wildlife ranch in the Hill Country. She loves opera and the outdoors and is a board member of the Big Bend Conservancy.