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(No Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare Accepted)

Comprehensive 24/7 ER For Patients of All Ages.

From the moment you enter Hospitality Health ER in Galveston, you’ll receive individual care delivered in our new modern facility.   Board-certified physicians will treat you in a private room.   All private insurance and cash pay patients welcome. We are unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.


 Pediatric & Adult Emergencies

 Board-Certified ER Staff

 On-Site Lab & Radiology (X-Ray, CT Scans)

 Private Rooms + LCD TVs

 Hotel-Style ER Facility

 Family Owned & Operated

All Commercial Insurance & Cash Pay Accepted
(No Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare)

OPEN 24/7–No Wait Time

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ER Board-Certified Physicians for All Medical Emergencies.

Owned and operated by a family of nurses, the Galveston ER is staffed with experienced ER-board-certified physicians. Your doctor will take the time to understand your condition before providing a diagnosis and coordinating next-level care with leading specialists and surgeons. Our facility is fully equipped with cardiac monitors, IV pumps, and emergency medications to make sure you are fully stabilized before leaving our care.

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Dr. Jeffrey Beers Emergency Room

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Dr. Kelly Emergency Physician

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(No Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare Accepted)

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Owned and operated by a family of nurses, the Galveston ER is staffed with experienced ER-board-certified physicians. Your doctor will take the time to understand your condition before providing a diagnosis and coordinating next-level care with leading specialists and surgeons. Our facility is fully equipped with cardiac monitors, IV pumps, and emergency medications to make sure you are fully stabilized before leaving our care.

24/7 ER Patient Reviews

Amazing experience! My husband and I just got off our honeymoon cruise and I got very sick. They were quick with getting me back and treated. When I didn’t see any improvements (dehydration) my husband called them and they immediately got the nurse I had on the phone with us and he was so great to us! When we got back to hospitality the second time the receptionist had already pulled my paperwork from the day before and prepped new paperwork so we wouldn’t have to do anything and our sweet nurse was at the door waiting! The nurses and doctors were wonderful and showed a genuine concern for my health. Love this place and the staff!
Skylar Horan
04:19 07 Jul 18
I was very impressed with all of the staff. They were very professional and highly trained. The facility is oceanfront and was very clean, with modern technology. I had back surgery a few years ago, and my back has been giving me a lot of trouble lately. I arrived in an extreme amount of pain. They got me in immediately. Was given a thorough exam by the nurse and doctor. Had X-rays taken. After determining the source of my pain, I was treated in a timely manner, and left feeling much better. They made sure to fully explain how to take the medications prescribed, and how I should follow up. I highly recommend Hospitality ER, and will definitely return if ever needed. Thank you all for taking such great care of me!
12:24 03 Jun 18
The staff at Hospitality ER is the best. I was on vacation and on my third day of vacation I was in pain and ill. The staff did a tremendous job to help me get the help and relief I needed so that I could enjoy the rest of my vacation. Dr Lugo was amazing he made sure I received the help I needed and his bedside manner was such a blessing.
Dianna Hernandez
17:54 27 Jun 18
I was sooo lucky to find this place. It's amazing. I felt like I was in a hotel. Comfortable and inviting facility and a sweet and caring staff. I wish I could make this my regular doctors office. They offered drinks and snacks and have out a free gift bag. They took care of me quickly and I was out in no time. They only take insurance so there is never a wait. Great addition to Galveston!
Ray Medina
14:42 29 Apr 18
Best experience I have ever had at any medical facility ! Staff were great. In and out in a minimal amount of time. Was looked after as anyone would want. Overall a wonderful experience and will use if ever needed again !
John Andersson
13:15 28 Jun 18
Amazing nurses, doctors, and support staff. They had us in and out within an hour and made my little feel extremely comfortable. Best urgent care experience we have ever had!
Sara Esser
18:55 21 Jun 18
From the moment we walked in, we were treated so kindly! Every staff member we saw was nice and super friendly. I’ve been to other ER/Urgent Care places that are not so nice and make sure they get their money before they even see you - not the case here. They seem to genuinely care about the patient. My husband was given great care, and sent home with some nice gifts! If you’re needing care, this is definitely the place to go.
Jess Johnston
23:34 17 Jul 18
FANTASTIC! I am so grateful for the staff and doctor that took care of me. I’m the sole provider in my household so I must be able to work to provide for my family. This facility had a diagnosis and treatment within minutes! After the first day of following the doctors instructions I’m almost pain free with NO pain medication. This is the place to go if you want accurate information that’s explained well and top notch care. Thank you all so much!
dustin shoemaker
03:38 02 Aug 18
Absolute best care I’ve ever experienced at an ER!!!Thorough, compassionate and very time efficient. The entire staff from the front desk clerk to the nurses, Doctor and radiologist were all committed to great care and patient experience.I honestly cannot rave enough about my visit to Hospitality Health ER Galveston.
Sammi Hernandez
03:35 12 Aug 18
Nice facility, everyone is incredibly nice and caring. Been there a few times and they only care about one thing. Do what is in the best interest for the patient, even when the patient is being stubborn. Thank you for the incredible treatment. Scott, you and your team are rock stars. Thank you again.
Rohan Lowtan
15:58 17 Aug 18
This place is amazing! The name fits. HOSPITALITY. The entire staff from the front desk to the medical folks were fantastic. Not to mention the actual facility, first class.
Stephen Davis
13:49 03 Sep 18
Best ER ever. Quickly in-and-out with exceptional care. Everyone there is very kind, competent, and caring. The facility is extremely clean and modern. Although it's never a good day when you have to go to the ER, this place makes things as good as they can possibly be. Thanks!!
Joe Jones
19:55 10 Sep 18
Yesterday was my first experience going to this facility. I was extremely impressed with the care that I received from everyone! I stayed overnight for observation and they provided me with everything I would need. I moved from exam room to a private room that was big and very comfortable. I was provide pjs, slipper, and bath needs. In additional I was provided dinner and breakfast from local restaurants, which I had the option to choose. All the extra goodies are nice and add an extra touch. However what was really exceptional was the outstanding care, attention and service I received. It was obvious all the staff members really care about their job and they are all patient centered focus. I nicknamed it the Ritz.
amy kovach
16:35 22 Sep 18
I was in Galveston for a girls weekend, it started off with me having to go the the ER. This place is the best ER I have ever been to, the staff was awesome, the doctor was great. Treatment was quick and the highest quality. I was in and out in less than 2 hours and that was with an IV. The facility was incredible, beautiful and clean, I even got a nice big fleece blanket and a goodie bag. Great place all around, if going to the ER can be a pleasant experience, this was defiantly a good one.
Laurie Cobble
13:35 15 Oct 18
Praise God for this ER and it’s staff. Finally glad there is an ER close to the beach in Galveston and we don’t have to battle traffic to drive to UTMB and this place should be given 10 stars!!! On our very first day of vacation my daughter had an allergic reaction to nuts and could not breath. This place was only one block from our rented home and the entire ER staff was awesome in their responses. From bedside manner to caring for our daughters and my wife’s every need. Thanks again for all your help!!! I recommend this place over all others in the island!!
David Kravitz
22:02 21 Oct 18
Just recently visited Hospitality Health ER Galveston. As soon as I walked in I was automatically greeted and taken well care of. The staff was very caring and professional. Really want to thank " Helen" for everything. Dr.Lugo was very informative and broke it down for me. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. It was like a spa for the sick........ Outstanding place thanks for everything..
Tony Saldana
02:01 11 Nov 18
Excellent service! I went on Thanksgiving night.I was seen within minutes. Staff friendly and efficient. The facility is absolutely stunning. Beautiful! Highly recommend
Sara Highlands
19:15 24 Nov 18
All the staff was very friendly and very helpful. They got me in and out as quickly as the could and I was feeling better before I even left. Highly recommend!
Trevor Wolf
04:30 12 Dec 18
Going here was the first time I ever felt comfortable at the Doctor. Very clean, nice staff, lots of free snacks and drinks, and a knowledgeable Doctor. I'm always anxious about touching anything in places like this because I worry about getting sick from others, but this place was so clean looking and smelling I never once felt uncomfortable. I was on vacation in Galveston so I had to take my 6yr old there for a bad sinus infection and they were very kind and patient with him. I think we were in a special room for kids. We had candy, soda, and satelite TV while waiting. It was nicer looking than the hotel we were staying in. They also gave my boy a bag of good toys when we left.
Justin Peters
05:23 15 Dec 18
I have never seen such a genuine care the staff provided from the front registrar to the nurses and the wonderful doctor. Thank you so much for taking good care of our daughter.
Shawn Punjwani
19:33 26 Dec 18
This facility is beautiful and I experienced amazing care here. A big “Thank You” to this ER in Galveston, Texas! I felt very pampered by your whole staff at a time when I felt really, really awful. And thank you for the soft blanket you sent me home with!
James Gates
01:52 03 Jan 19
Best experience I have ever had going to an Emergency care facility. I did not even get a chance to fill out the forms and they brought me right in. The staff, doctors and nurses were amazing, friendly and very informative. I’m a Canadian on holidays and I can honestly say I got better care here than at home. They even give you your fluffy blanket and a going away gift. A TV in every private room makes the time go faster and they have snacks and drinks if you get hungry, for free.
Helene Glandon
10:29 10 Jan 19
This ER is the best medical facility I have ever been to! My fiance and I were spending the night in Galvelston before leaving on our week long vacation the next morning. That night it hit me, I had a fever and just was not in good shape. We found hospitality ER and asked if they could see me in a hurry because we had to leave for our trip. Every single person we came in contact with, from the lady at the front desk to the Doctor, was kind and genuinely caring. I have never experienced such attentiveness and great medical care as I did at Hospitality ER. The doctor and nurses were absolutely amazing. Thank you!
Kevin Auldproctor
00:43 21 Jan 19
My husband and I were visiting Galveston and were involved in a car accident shortly after our arrival there. We were both treated at this facility. It was by far the best ER experience that either of us had ever endured, from start to finish. I wish we had a place like this where WE live!
Ginger Luster
15:29 29 Jan 19
This is a wonderful emergency care facility. We went at 3 am with a sick three year and the staff went well beyond what they needed to in order to check her out until we could get her to her physician the next day. They gave us a peace of mind that she was going to be fine, this was so valuable given how worried we adults get when our little ones are sick in the middle of the night. Thank you everyone.
Mel Lovett
17:37 25 Feb 19
Best Emergency room no waiting at all my British nurse was awesome I had to stay for observation and the room is like staying in a hotel room! Dr Bier he called the cardiologist and get me in hes office the next day for follow up they really take care of me like not even my own Dr. and this was my first visit I recommend this ER 100% excellence
Ariam A
04:21 16 Mar 19
Amazing experience today at Hospitality Health in Galveston. Our three year old had a complaint that startled us and sent us to the doctor. The UTMB pediatric urgent care was out to lunch so I told my wife to take her to the Seawall ER. Everyone was super polite and the nurses and doctor were very thorough. Our little three year old's "hurting brain" turned out to be ears and tonsils and head congestion. We got a dose of antibiotics, a script and we were on our way! We will definitely take her back if the need arises, fingers crossed that it doesn't and happy to have this ER on our Island.
Amber Wingo
21:24 18 Mar 19
I was visiting Galveston from out of state and had a bug get lodged in my ear. I went to the ER at about 10:00pm and just walking in the door took my breath away! What a gorgeous hospital. First there was the lovely snack bar that was very inviting and the cozy chairs around the fireplace, and the chandeliers! It looked more like a fancy hotel than an emergency room. I got right into see the doctor who was very kind and understanding, He irrigated my ear and removed the bug and ear wax and I was given a nice cozy blanket to take home and a care package with bath salts etc in it. I think it would be a very wonderful place to take children in an emergency. It is very homey and not scary or stark at all but very clean and bright and inviting. The staff is very welcoming and helpful. I wish all hospitals would follow their example.
Sheri Mcentire
01:32 20 Apr 19
I am just visiting from Washington state. I ended up at this ER for a badly sprained ankle. I was thoroughly impressed by the beautiful and clean building. The staff worked quickly and was very kind. I would recommend this ER to anyone!
Ebbie Ells
16:03 29 Apr 19
These are the sweetest and helpful people I've ever met in the medical field. I was about 6 months pregnant and ended up here of all days on Christmas and they helped me recover after suffering for so long. I hope they know how much that meant and still means to me. Thank all of ya'll so much!!
Adri Flores
23:18 10 May 19
Absolutely amazing first experience at Hospitality Health ER in Galveston everyone was very nice and helpful and being from Galveston I would definitely go back if need be and also would recommend to others!
Ty Stephens
03:06 08 Jun 19
I normally don't take the time to review things, let alone an Emergency Room. Yet, here I am. I was a visiting on vacation, and stupid me... I forgot sunscreen, and what followed was HELL! I was so burnt, I was bent over in agony pain, I couldn't Drink, or Eat- I was concerned. Even more, I am diabetic, and have neuropathy. Imagine pain so devastating dying would have been a great option. Yet not on Hospitality ERS watch, they went to work. 2bags of fluid, as I was dehydrated... Iv Tylenol, Motrin, and IV narcotic. Needless to say, they saved my vacation- but most importantly they literally saved my life! If I could just say thank you for caring, and extending a warm welcome to city life folks. Thank you, I am doing better! You never realize when you need help, until you need help. Then to have caring dedicated staff makes the difference. God bless you all!
Kyle Wagner
07:02 18 Jun 19


At Hospitality Health ER, we are more than just your neighborhood emergency room. We truly believe it takes a village to raise our children — including all the way through the young adult years! Because a big part of that starts with a dedication to education, Hospitality Health ER is proud to present the Hospitality Health ER Spirit to Succeed Scholarship Award.  Each year, Hospitality Health ER will award three $2000 scholarships to students in Galveston, Texas who have demonstrated determination, a drive to succeed in the face of obstacles, and the strength to persevere in spite of financial setbacks.