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Tyler Medical Emergency?

Hospitality Health 24-Hour ER is located in Tyler between Home Depot and Newks at Loop 323 and Old Jacksonville Hwy. Every medical emergency — from cardiac arrest to broken bones — is treated by our team of elite, ER physicians. This isn’t like any other Tyler emergency 24 hour clinic: we’re family-owned and operated, and committed to complete care of every patient who walks through our doors. Hospitality Health offers all the same services you’ll find at hospital emergency rooms but without the long wait times or the constraints of a hospital emergency department. You’ll also get a touch of hometown feel and unmatched customer service. We process all commercial insurance, but not medicare, medicaid, or tricare.

Getting Here

Our emergency room is located in south Tyler. You’ll find us at 3943 Old Jacksonville Hwy in front of Home Depot, at the intersection of the highway and W SW Loop 323. See Google Maps directions below.

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We have on-site parking in the Hospitality Health parking lot.

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We provide the highest quality treatment services for all emergencies:

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Patient Reviews

I went to Hospitality Health ER Tyler in severe pain. The front desk staff, nurses, and doctors were fantastic. The CT clerk was super nice. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Shawna is the best! I was taken care of like it was a four star hotel! Thank you very much.
Corrie Warren
16:59 12 Nov 18
This medical group is the BEST I have ever witnessed. I can not say enough good things about them. From the front desk staff to the Doctors, everyone is polite, responsive, and truly compassionate. The world would be a better place if all medical facilities operated the way Hospitality Health ER does. Thank you Hospitality Health ER!
Macon Richardson
17:05 22 Oct 18
Can't say enough wonderful things about this facility and staff!!! Always courteous, attentive and try to evaluate you in a very timely manner! My nurse Randy has been really great at getting iv started on the first stick!! So thankful my husband and I have found a wonderful place to get help when we really need it!!
Tammy Brown
20:07 03 Oct 18
Best ER experience I've had! Not only did they provided me with the best care. They also gave me the knowledge I'd need to know to best recover from my injury. They let you know how much everything will be up front, which for us is very much appreciated! Then a few days later they called me to make sure I was doing any better. I'd give them 10 stars if I could!
Lindz j
18:26 19 Sep 18
After a trip to Hospitality ER for the flu, I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the genuine concern, great medical care, insuring that comfort measures were met, and great staff - every single one of them. Being a health care provider myself, I'm not easily impressed - so they did a spectacular job and I feel much better today. A special thanks to my nurse, Richard, who put up with me on a not so great day for me. He was the best!
Sylyna Kennedy
17:07 12 Sep 18
From the moment I walked in to the moment I left these were the nicest, caring and attentive people I have ever experienced in a medical facility and especially in an ER setting! They don't treat you like cattle or make you feel like they are just trying to get you out of there. The copay was very reasonable and the atmosphere is wonderful. I mean no one likes going to an emergency care facility but I will definitely come back here if I have to go anywhere! I didn't want to leave, lol! Oh and they took GREAT care of my cut!!
Shelly Oglesby
13:38 12 Sep 18
I developed an infection while on vacation on a holiday weekend. My 1st time at Hospitality Health ER was so easy. The whole staff will nice you to death. But they just want to make sure that your okay and if they can help in any way they would. I had to drive myself so they took that in to consideration on the type of medicine to treat me with. That was a huge help. I can not say enough good things about Hospitality ER. I wish only the very best success.
Elizabeth Shoemaker
17:33 05 Sep 18
I absolutely love Hospitality ER. You experience nothing but exceptional hospitality throughout the entire staff. Thumbs up to the owner who went above and beyond in the planning process to make sure not only the patient needs are met but the families as well. Great Job!!! Randy and Richard two of the nurses on staff there take great pride in the care they extend to you. They are absolute the Best!!! Everything about the experience is top notch. To all of the staff at Hospitality ER keep up the great work!
Shay Crumpton
19:19 04 Sep 18
I have been here several times over the last couple of years for everything from injuries to the stomach flu. I have never waited in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes, and I have always had an amazing experience. The staff is always welcoming and caring, the doctors and nurses are great. I have always left this facility feeling much better than when I arrived. Just tonight I went from having such bad shoulder pain that it had me in tears, to being able to wash my own hair and actually get comfortable for the first time in a week. They are very professional but also bring that comforting feeling of home when they offer warm blankets, something to drink or a snack. They are always very personable and never make you feel as if your problem is unimportant. I can't say enough good things about this facility. If you're in need of some help and you can't get to your primary doctor or you're having an emergency, this is the place to go. 🙂
Haley Sutton
07:08 31 Aug 18
My little girl was really sick with a very high fever. I was told by Trinity Mother Frances check in triage staff to take my little girl somewhere else. Frustrated I ended up calling the next ER that came up in Google. Hospitality said bring her right in. Everyone was welcoming and compassionate. Absolutely wonderful as this was her 1st visit to the ER. They started an IV, which took some problem solving, however they handled a very upset 4 year old extremely well. We were there most of the night due to testing. We left late that night with excellent instructions. I even got a call the next day checking on my Abby. Now that's what I call a caring small town doctors office kind of treatment!!! Absolutely hands down my 1st choice before going anywhere else.
Kat Fisher
21:32 23 Aug 18
My 1st time here at the Tyler office. The staff, doctor, and nurses were all friendly and helpful. The office is clean and a homey setting I like that. Makes you feel at home and not like ER does. Walked in signed one paper and I was back in my own room with privacy. Excellent care facility. I will be back if I ever need to go to the ER.
Elizabeth Tindell
02:03 20 Aug 18
We LOVE HHER! We have been twice now and if it is up to us we are not going back to public ER again...EVER! It is such a clean and welcoming environment with staff that are so very helpful and attentive. We felt like we were in another world of medical care...so unlike the norm! Everything runs so well and prompt you feel Ike you are in the twilight zone. Makes you realize how bad it truly is other places!! Love it, Highly recommend!
Jennifer Deupree
01:16 19 Aug 18
I would really like to Thank Hailey, Carlin, Jaiha and Randy for the most wonderful visit to Hospitality ER. They really made me feel better than before I came in. It is great place to come when you know something wrong with you. Everyone here has been really nice. I know there are some more names that I maybe forgetting but they’re all wonderful... THANKS
Nicholas Cooper
13:41 17 Aug 18
Great ER/Urgent Care. My wife was in a room and seen by a nurse for triage before we had finished filling out our paperwork. Incredibly nice facility. Courteous staff. Fees were very reasonable for the treatment we received (elbow injury). They actually came and let us know what it would cost prior to performing the treatment. What a concept! I’m sure there are benefits for acute trauma/seriously ill patient to be in an ER connected with a hospital, but for the majority of the cases, I would go here.
00:20 04 Aug 18
Best ER I have ever been to, these people are very professional and so caring. They made me their top priority not like other ER places. I was there for 24 hours and literally every minute I was being taking care of, I just have to say they are amazing people. God bless
links 234
17:10 01 Aug 18
WOW!!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Thank God for such a wonderful Hospital facility!!! Hospitality ER in Tyler Texas is AMAZING!!!! We are so very grateful to the entire staff of Doctors, Nurses, Techs, and Administrative personnel for being so kind, caring, humble and sharing their love for helping and healing others in need. Both my husband and I have needed the services of Hospitality ER in Tyler Texas, on Old Jacksonville Hwy, and each and every time we are AMAZED!!!! From the moment you walk in you feel at ease with its beautiful spa like setting. The first time we walked in we thought we were at a fancy hotel and actually asked the Administrative Associate if we were in a hospital. She smiled and said Yes you are in a ER Hospital. As soon as you walk in you feel at ease, which is very comforting especially when you are having an emergency situation. From there you are greeted by the administrative personnel, fill out SIMPLE paperwork which is also amazing, because when you are scared due to the emergency you are having, it becomes hard to fill out mounds of paperwork. Hospitality ER keeps its forms simple to fill out which also eases the stress. They also have an amazing lounge waiting area with snacks and drinks, which helps a person focus on doing something normal like eating a snack which calms a person during stressful times. Then within minutes a Nurse greets you as if she or he has known you for years like old friends, making a person feel even more at ease and comforted making you immediately feel that everything is going to be alright. The Nurse walks you into one of there Suites where they begin setting up and doing what is needed to give you the best care possible. They are thorough in gathering the information needed, get you prepped up and again within a few more minutes a Doctor walks in to the room. Every one that we have met be it Doctors or Nurses or Techs or Administrative staff, have always been very caring, comforting, soothing and calming as they attended to our medical emergency needs. In our situation my husband had several pulmonary issues in which Hospitality ER tended to and took care of us in the most soothing loving ways. As soon as my husband was stabilized they made the needed arrangements to transport him to UT Health, another great hospital. So far between us both, we have been to Hospitality ER 5 times and we are so very grateful for the Hospitality ER, they are a blessing to all in need. We Praise everyone we have met in Hospitality ER for their passion and love of sharing their gifts of helping and healing us in need. Thank you from our Hearts, Kyle Rochette and Angel Hare
Angel Hare
16:13 21 Jul 18
Hands down, the best ER I have ever been to! Everyone in there treated us like we were top priority and took care of everything we needed. They were thorough and extremely friendly! They were great with my other 2 kids that had to come with us and the RN had everyone laughing. They gave the children toys and turned on the TV for them. AMAZING place and people! I will never go anywhere else!
melanie English
03:24 19 Jul 18
Incredible place! Extremely courteous, professional, and caring! Saw a physician within 15 minutes! Entire staff was tremendous! Special shout outs to Randy and Dr. Hall. Left no stone unturned to reach a diagnosis!Made sure I was comfortable, offering snacks, drinks......even fresh warm cookies, baked right there! And, a “goody bag” upon leaving!I will not go anywhere else if in need of ER/Urgent care!
Sherry Hampton
01:02 12 Jul 18
I wish I could give them more stars the staff is over and above friendly and helpful. Best experience ever in any type of medical office. Absolutely amazing job. They saw my wife ordered dinner for my parents while They waited for us can't say enough good things about these people.
Jd Casebeer
17:33 20 Jun 18
Hospitality ER Tyler is a great place to go when you have emergency medical needs. My family has needed to utilize the emergency services at Hospitality ER Tyler on several occasions and have experienced warm, friendly, and prompt service. The staff from intake, nurses, and the physicians are very comforting. I brought my son in for a double ear infection and he didn't want to leave he felt so comfortable. I want to commend Hospitality ER for the great work that they do.
17:19 15 Jun 18
I have to say, I’ve been sick since Wednesday evening and finally went to the Hospitality ER by Home Depot in Tyler. That is the most amazing place I have ever been and had the best service I have ever received!!! They treat you like royalty and the place itself is decorated with the best and spotless. I have heard other people talking about it, but now I am a believer. I have never in my life enjoyed a doctor’s visit or trip to the ER, but I have now. Not only was I feeling better as soon as I received a couple of shots, but they constantly check on you! On your way out, they give you gifts! I can’t say anymore about how amazing this place is and I will not go anywhere else in the future. Bonus, insurance paid 100%, no out of pocket! They don’t take Medicaid or Medicare, they only accept insurance. If you ever visit them, you’ll never want to go anywhere else again when you’re sick. I started feeling a lot better before I even left, now that’s service!!!😊 I give this place five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
17:47 14 Apr 18
My family and I have been to Hospitality Health ER in Tyler four times in the past two years. Every time we have been treated like we were the most important patients. They were prompt and thorough, skilled and professional. Their customer service has been fantastic!! They fed us, made sure we were comfortable and made us feel welcome and cared for each time. No long wait, prompt lab and radiology services, and the nursing staff and doctors are top notch. The facility is exceptionally clean. Being an RN for 25 years, I’m usually not easily impressed, but they have successfully done that each time., and Nana’s pumpkin-nutmeg bread was delicious!! We will always choose and recommend Hospitality Health ER Tyler first.
Liz Chandler
04:24 10 Feb 18

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