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Welcome to Hospitality Health ER. From urgent to emergency care needs, we are committed to providing you with first-class patient care through personalized attention and comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities — without the long wait times or the hefty bill.   Hospitality Health ER is committed to providing you with the highest-quality medical care services for minor and emergency services, around the clock. This should be expected out of an emergency room, but Hospitality Health ER is known for always going above and beyond to provide personal attention for patients and their families in a setting designed for your comfort.


Protect Your Well Being

Patient First ER Care

Patient First, Business Second.

Heart Beat

Hospitality Health ER’s team of nurses and doctors in both our Longview, Galveston and Tyler ERs have years of experience in busy hospital ERs. We have taken everything we’ve learned and witnessed over the years as ER providersand even as patients in the ERto bring the highest medical standard to emergency care: Patient First, Business Second. After all, we are everyday people just like you, with a family who deserves to be treated as people, not numbers. Walk in, be seen, and receive the attention your emergency deserveswithout all the red tape and chaos of a typical ER.

Urgent Care Service

No Waits. No Hassle. Heartfelt Service.


Owned and operated by a family of nurses and staffed with compassionate, experienced ER-board certified physicians, Hospitality Health ER eliminates the frustration that typically accompanies a trip to the ER. Instead of providing the traditional ER experience, we respond immediately with heart. We listen. We take our time with you. We care for you and your family members. And because we’ve all worked together for a long time, you can expect consistent, first-class treatment at every stage of your visit.

Heart Beat

Our Company

Heart Beat

Changing the Game of Healthcare for You and Your Family Members

At Hospitality Health ER, our mission is to elevate your experience. We far exceed the service provided by corporate ER and urgent care chains. Based on decades of knowledge, we are constantly reinventing the ER experience to put your comfort first.

We tear down the walls of assembly-line healthcare to bring you the personal care and attention that is so hard to find these days. Some practices focus on their bottom line; our goal has always been to continuously improve how patients are received, treated, and managed.

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We Aim to Keep Costs Down for You


With years of hands-on experience in all aspects of emergency health care-  including insurance, billing, back office, front office administration, and licensing-  Hospitality Health ER implements innovative approaches to patient care that keep costs down for you. And because our ER Doctors are part owners of Hospitality Health ER, they can provide quick turnaround on any billing inquiries or hardships that arise.

Emergency Room

Three Texas ER Locations

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Our convenient GalvestonLongview and Tyler emergency rooms provide patients with a comfortable environment where you can be seen quickly and treated like a person— not a number. At Hospitality Health ER, you are our priority, from the moment you walk into our facility and all the way through your follow-up care.