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In November 2020 HHER collaborated with mLife Diagnostics LLC of Marshall which announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted Emergency Use Authorization, or EUA, for the mLife True saliva COVID-19 collection kit for testing at Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory of Miami, Florida. mLife CEO Alan Loudermilk said that this authorization allows any clinic in the country to utilize the new, and less invasive COVID-19 test created by the company.  Loudermilk additionally, credited Hospitality Health ER for this important milestone in mLife’s COVID-19 testing program.


       “I am in awe of the physicians, nurses and staff of Hospitality Health ER for the hard work and dedication that they demonstrated in caring for the many COVID patients that arrived at the ER during this pandemic. Our frontline medical workers in a time like this truly are heroes,” Loudermilk said. “Special thanks to Dr. Gene Kelly for his guidance and oversight and to Rehan Tariq for his helpful suggestions and exceptional work with the patients throughout the trial.”


  HHER has created a custom, cleanable and reusable mask with a filter pocket that all of our staff utilizes. The pattern & instructions are posted on our FB page and YouTube channel.  Our team has partnered with a manufacturer in Dallas to make hundreds of masks for distribution to essential businesses struggling to provide protective supplies. This includes pharmacies, grocery stores, drive-through restaurants, law enforcement and more. HHER is providing these vital supplies as a service to our patients & community.

HHER is providing regular updates and information about COVID-19 testing and treatment on our website to help the public stay informed.  HHER is posting educational videos like proper hand washing and  ways to boost immune systems on our social media platforms.  Furthermore, we are staying up to date on any legislative changes that could impact our communities and patients related to COVID-19 and insurance coverage. Any changes we are communicating in a simple manner that everyone can understand.  HHER’s owners and Medical team are communicating  with Disaster preparedness teams, local officials and the Texas Department of Health on regular briefings. Our medical teams research new information related to the virus, testing, and treatments.

Finally, our policies are updated regularly and we continually educate our staff to offer the safest care to our patients.  HHER has set up separate quarters to offer comprehensive care to anyone suspected of having COVID-19 without risking our employees or other patients health. This protocol has been in practice since February 2020.

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HHER tests & treats COVID-19 24/7.

Many insurances WAIVE copays for COVID-19.

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