3111 McCann Road Longview, TX 75605 Across from Longview Mall off loop 281. Recently Expanded!


3943 Old Jacksonville Hwy Tyler, TX 75701 Between Home Depot and Newks at Loop 323 and Old Jacksonville Hwy.

Tyler ER Location Map


Our emergency room is easily accessible on the island – located at Seawall Blvd and 42nd St, close to Ben & Jerry’s.

Galveston ER Location Map


Emergency Room Lobby

Urgent and Compassionate ER Care, 24 / 7.


At Hospitality Health ER (HHER), your well-being comes first. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Longview, Tyler, & Galveston are full-service ERs open 24/7 and staffed by experienced, ER-board-certified emergency physicians.   Come see us for personalized care across the trauma spectrum.

Emergency Room Services

The Hospitality Health ER team provides compassionate, high-quality emergency care for a comprehensive range of medical services. We process all commercial insurance, no Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.




Personal Attention. First-Class Medical Care.

Heart Beat

Here, your needs and comfort come first. When you enter our doors, we welcome you into a clean, comfortable waiting room so you feel at home. You’ll be greeted immediately by staff members who are there to help. Throughout the entire experience, you can expect to receive personal attention and first-class medical care without the sky-high bills of a hospital ER.

Emergency Room Lobby
Emergency Doctor Treatment

Patients are our Priority.


The CDC reports that less than 30% of patients are seen in less than 15 minutes. Hospitality Health ER has better wait times. Unlike hospital ERs with long wait times, we get you back to see a doctor immediately.

Your Emergency Needs

Your needs are our priority, so we treat them with urgency. And despite the frantic nature of emergencies, we are committed to ensuring that you have the most comfortable experience possible. Your emergencies are our emergencies.

Full Emergency Services for All Ages.


Our facilities are equipped to provide you and your family with everything from urgent care to emergency care: CT Scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, in-house labs, IV fluids, stitches, splints, emergency procedures, and IV medications. From tummy aches to heart attacks, we’re ready for all ages & varying degrees.

Hospital Access

If major surgery or an extended hospital stay is necessary, we can directly admit patients to local hospitals. We even have pediatric-trained doctors and nurses on staff to put your little ones at ease during their visit. 

Urgent Care Service
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Dr. Beers

Dr. Lebwohl

Dr. Kelly

Dr. Skylar

Tyler Emergency Physician

Dr. Constante

Dr. Lugo Emergency Room

Dr. Lugo

Patient Reviews

I had utilized a different emergency room in town in the past, and it was adequate. Have also used 2-3 of the "urgent care" daytime facilities. But Hospitality was a high cut above the ER competition. From my first phone call to discuss their procedures, to the vehicle valet workers, to check-in, to the medical staff--all was top-notch. I strongly recommend!
Lee Berger
00:56 28 Feb 18
Kudos to efficient service with caring staff that starts the minute you walk in. Arrived in severe pain & was quickly evaluated & treatment was started. Dr. Archer was very thorough. Several other family members have used Hospitality ER & they are constantly fast, efficient & caring to the patient as well as family members. Thank you Hospitality ER for setting the standard in urgent care!
Becky Rountree
02:56 08 Mar 18
Hands-down the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had in my life at a emergency. Also Sabrina just give me the best massage I’ve ever had. If I can avoid it I will never go to any other ER best experience hands-down the best emergency room. In all of Texas
Mac Media
04:34 22 Feb 18
I recently chose this facility due to having flu-like symptoms for 7 days. I have never been treated so well anywhere. They were courteous, helpful, and were always asking if there was something more they could do for me. It was like being treated in my own home. It has no stigma of an ER at a hospital. I was there only 4 hours. Had I gone to a local Hospital ER, I would have been still in the waiting room the next morning as there is a flu epidemic right now. I truly felt like they cared about me. I highly recommend this option for anyone considering ER visit that does not require a hospital stay.
Ms. Joy
00:54 06 Jan 18
Hospitality health ER....is the best EVER ! I'LL never go anywhere else.I felt like a queen and I was very pampered! They kept me over night....and they took great care of me! Love ALL their staff & absolutely will reccomend them to everyone.Its a little far from where I live, but its worth it !
Gail Stevenson
23:31 08 Feb 18
This place is #1! They have the most compassion and caring staff. Will never go ANYWHERE else. We were fortunate enough to have Justin the R.N. take care of us both times we visited. He is THE BEST. He listened and didn’t rush. Made everyone feel comfortable. Wish he was in our PCPs office!
Amy Cheatwood
17:33 24 Jun 18
Took my wife tonight for a broken toe. The nurses, doctors, and staff more than hold up to the name, Hospitality. A massage therapist comes around offering complimentary massages. The staff make sure you are taken care of, if you need a drink, snack, there's a TV if ya wanna watch it... they make you feel like you are family. I want to thank everyone that we came in contact up there, for being committed to loving those who come in.
Cameron Beard
04:19 12 Jun 18
I cannot say enough good things about the staff and facility at Hospitality. My daughter was seen here and treated for cellulitis and later transferred to Regional. After feeling ignored and unimportant here, I called Hospitality, whom promptly called Regional to explain the severity of my daughter's condition. Finally, they gave her the care she needed. The folks at Hospitality are wonderful and caring and treat you like your important, like you matter. So thankful for them!
Margaret Chappell
06:07 03 Jul 18
Just today we visited your awesome facility there on Galveston's seawall...my poor bride stepped on a 3" stainless hook that went deep into one of her little toes. Your staff were quick and handled her with fantastic care. Felt like we were in and out in no time with little delay. Very professional staff, 5 stars richly deserved! Hope it's the last time we ever 'need' to see you guys again. 🙂
Wes C.
02:42 13 May 18
I was amazed when I walked into HHER. IT FELT LIKE A SPA. i can truly say I was pampered last night. THE RECEPTION i received was exceptional. I was offered, drinks, snacks, and a massage, in which I received.. The customer service was excellent, right down to the appearance of the employees, to the building. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!Thank you
Sandra Brewer
14:03 03 Jul 18
2 thumbs up for this Hospitality ER facility and staff. I had to return 3 times in one week and they went the extra mile each time. I was there making sure they took good care of me. From making me feel welcome, comfortable, made sure I had food too eat (GOOD FOOD CHOICES). Yes, I was there for some hours, but I never mind the stay do to the fact the the staff is caring not only to me but for my husband and family as well.
Travonda Bradley
16:50 18 Jul 18
The staff and hospitality is second to none at this location! I did not have to wait, I was checked on regularly making sure I was okay and did not need anything. OH and offered free massages. It was my first time there so I also was sent home with all kinds of goodies! I would recommend going here anyone!! Amazing experience.
Sadie White
01:16 21 Jul 18
I had severe back . This place and the staff were exceptional in their caring and treatment of my problem. I have never been treated so well and taken so well care of in my life. I felt like a queen. They are the best!!! I will never go anywhere else. Thank you so much for the great care and treatment I received.
Robin Boyd
05:53 15 Aug 18
Very nice doctors, thorough. Got help when Good Sheppherd wouldn't. Will never go back to Good Shepherd again. Thank you Hospitality ER...
Trish Cox
15:47 18 Aug 18
First time we had to visit this ER and I must say it lives up to everything I have heard . First rate treatment and facilities. The staff is amazing and so friendly and helpful. As busy as the night was we were in and out in 2 1/2 hours compared to probably half the night had we been at hospital er . They are well staffed and is such a nice change
Wilford & Ginger Case
19:33 24 Aug 18
The experience for my husband and I was great. They were quick to get us in, were very hospitable, made sure to address our needs and were very thorough to figure out what was wrong with me and give me proper treatment. They were also quick to call me about the lab results and let me know that my prescriptions were sent to my pharmacy. Whenever my husband and I get insurance again this will be where we go from now on besides our regular doctor.
Lauren Riley
01:04 01 Sep 18
This place was amazing. Very friendly staff, very fast to get you in, very clean facility. I took my 16 year old daughter there and she's doesn't like doctors or hospitals and doesn't open up to them but here she was very comfortable and was able to open up and talk to the staff. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
Lillie Pierce
17:50 03 Sep 18
Absolutely the BEST ER ever! Absolutely everyone there treats you with such kindness and respect. The doctors and nurses show tremendous care for those in need. Will never go anywhere else!
Janette Alderete
12:14 06 Sep 18
Love the quick service, friendly and knowledgeable nurses and doctors! Best person there though is Ashley! She is so sweet and helpful! She is absolutely amazing!! She deserves a big raise for how much she helped us, got us stuff we needed, and comforted us through everything! Love her!
Lisa Powell
20:57 24 Sep 18
I have been to Hospitality before, and every visit is pleasant, even when I feel ill. The staff is friendly and helpful, there is even a complimentary message therapist for neck and shoulders! I feel taken care of and already on the upswing.
B Thomas
16:49 08 Oct 18
I've never walked into a medical facility, been examined and admitted for observation where the staff treated you like family. The wait time was very short. It was a very pleasant atmosphere under the circumstances. Some were just down right hilarious. You almost forget why you are there.
Larry Reding
01:03 30 Oct 18
I cut my thumb really bad on a Sunday morning, which needed several sutures. The staff was great and very professional at helping me repair my thumb. I recently went back to have the sutures removed and they give me a gift basket as I was leaving. Really nice people and did an amazing job sewing up my thumb; now you can hardely tell where 8 sutures were! Hope I don’t have to go back, but if I need an ER, I know where I’m going! Thank you! Luke
Luke Davidson
17:48 05 Nov 18
Last night, I got to HHER and was seen by a PA in less than 30 minutes. The diagnosis was pneumonia but they fixed me up. Chicken noodle soup for supper plus antibiotics and breathing treatments and I was headed home before bedtime. Thanks so much to the staff!!! I love this place.
Alice Crocker
22:47 13 Nov 18
Amazing ER! I walked in and was immediately greeted by doctors under 5 minutes! The room was clean and sanitary. I was experiencing heel problems and they found out what was going on. Apparently, I had Plantar Fasciitis. I went through an x-ray easily without any issues. The staff checked on me often to make sure I was doing fine. I was also given snacks for free. I was also asked if I wanted a massage. I had a wonderful experience here at Hospitality Heath ER!
Tristan Guire
20:27 30 Nov 18
The whole staff was amazing even when we first got there. They were very professional, friendly, and caring. Thank you so much for your service!
Elanna Hylander
17:10 02 Dec 18
Amazing ER! I walked in and was immediately greeted by doctors under 5 minutes! The room was clean and sanitary. I was experiencing heel problems and they found out what was going on. Apparently, I had Plantar Fasciitis. I went through an x-ray easily without any issues. The staff checked on me often to make sure I was doing fine. I was also given snacks for free. I was also asked if I wanted a massage. I had a wonderful experience here at Hospitality Heath ER!
Tristan Guire
16:36 03 Dec 18
This is one the best ER I have been to. I had a wonderful experience. The entire staff was absolutely amazing.I left with a smile and warm feeling that someone really cares.
Mary Young
01:10 10 Dec 18
This place is the absolute best! I went there when I was just a couple of months pregnant and thought I was having a miscarriage .The staff and this wonderful lady named Mrs. Sandy gathered in my room and prayed for me with me. Thankfully I wasn't having a miscarriage and I delivered my blessing of a son who beat the odds of a horrible delivery. Thank you to the lovely Mrs. Sandy that has been there every single time we have to go to this magnificent place filled with God's angels.
Lacey Sampson
04:58 18 Dec 18
This ER is amazing, they treat your hurts and illnesses with the utmost care. They are very caring for you and your family. Will go here again if the need arises
Debra Pierce
03:09 31 Dec 18
Even though this place was very crowded when we arrived, these people went out if their way to make the wait more comfortable. They brought out warm blankets and offered water, coffee and snacks. Once my name was called all the staff went above and beyond to meet my needs. Thank you HHER. I’m feeling much better.
Ronda Ellis
17:22 01 Jan 19
My latest visit to Hospitality Health ER in Longview was as great as it always is. These people go above and beyond to make sure their patients are taken care of quickly and professionally. I absolutely LOVE this place.
Alice Crocker
00:34 04 Jan 19
We've been multiple times. Really great service! They take care of you quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend!
Brook Upton
02:40 04 Jan 19
This is the most amazing place, quick service, diagnosedwithin the hour Had a pleasant all day stay in a very nice privateroom. Everyone went above and beyond to assist and help.I will return here if needed and highly recommend to all friends.
Lynne Martin
01:02 06 Jan 19
Wonderful experience at this ER! Great staff that are friendly and generous. Made sure me and my daughter were comfortable at all times!!! Bobby, NP and Tara, RN were very knowledgeable and made me feel assured my daughter was getting the best care. Sandy Patterson was awesome!!!! She checked on us several, several times and made sure my daughter had toys, food, drink, and colors and coloring book to play with! Love Mrs. Patterson! What a wonderful asset she is to this company! Overall, this was a great experience for us and we will come back if needed!
Brett Skinner
05:29 09 Jan 19
This place is absolutely amazing! The staff was very on point and knew what to do in a very timely manner. They made my family and I feel at home and as if we were the only ones there. The facility is a very nice, clean, and calm environment. You defiantly feel special and that they care. I would defiantly go back again if need be and would recommend to everyone. Special shout out to Sandy! Her and the rest of the staff made us feel very welcome and cared for. Thank you Hospitality ER Longview!
Sadie Shafer
01:58 12 Jan 19
They truly lived up to their name. Every employee seemed to genuinely care about my visit. They were kind, efficient, and thorough. I highly recommend Hospitality ER.
Lee Branson
12:36 19 Jan 19
I for the first time went to Hospitality on Saturday morning. My daughter in law had told me about this place and I am glad that I went. The staff there made sure I was comfortable and very professional. They had the equipment they needed to check me without me leaving to other place. I would go there again and recommend Hospitality to anyone and everyone. I liked this place better then any hospital I have ever gone to.
Alice Sholar
13:39 27 Jan 19
I went to HHER on a Saturday afternoon for extreme back pain. Even though they were very busy, I was taken to the back very quickly. They did their very best to care of me and my family members the entire time we were there. I high recommend them
John Easley
03:23 04 Feb 19
I cannot say enough about this place. The care was second to none. I didn't have a long wait. The nurses and doctors were very nice.i was informed about my care. I was in and out within a timely manner. The hospitality was the best I've experienced anywhere. Needless to say how beautiful & clean it is. Great job.
Sheila Hawkins
19:57 08 Feb 19
This place name speak for itself. Best ER I've been to in my life! Staff treat you like you're at home while waiting. Even feed you, great staff and very clean. The staff even offer you a massage. The waiting room is like a living room, best ER in Longview!!!!
Justice Harris
00:25 12 Feb 19
Excellent friendly care. Everybody went above and beyond to care for a 83 year old man.They could not do enough to care for the patient and family. The services that they offer are outstanding and belong the normal ER.Their customer service is so caring and friendly I can not find enough words to express my thoughts. They knew immediately the physical concerns and conditions and treatments began With concerned care. Thanks so much
mary sandars
02:11 08 Mar 19
This is a phenomenal Hospital.. The experience with care team was very caring and extremely helpful.. Also Mrs. Sandy Pattterson made us feel cared for and brought a smile to our hearts... I've never came across a E.R. with such a caring atmosphere.. Kudos to The Staff.. God Bless.. W. Solomon and family 💙🙏
Chez Solomon
02:13 03 Apr 19
I came in with foot injury about 8:00 pm. The waiting room was full, but I was made comfortable with a warm blanket and wheelchair. In most ER's I would have been there at least 6-8 hours. There was coffee and snacks available and nice couches and comfortable chairs. I was seen and released about 11:30. Wonderful doctors and nurses! I even got a wonderful massage while I was waiting! Friends who had been here told me how amazing it was and unfortunately I got to experience it for myself! The only place to go for minor emergencies!
Sandra Southwell
15:36 16 Apr 19
The people were so sweet and friendly here, they offer whatever you need. They really take care of you and care. The staff was so welcoming and very kind. Best hospital I’ve ever been to.
Katlyn Daliva
14:06 08 May 19
Y'all!!! I have never in my life been to such an amazing ER. The staff here is wonderful; they care, and are fast! This hospital is all around amazing!! I will never go to another ER again . I would recommend this place to anyone , and everyone !!
Jessica Wilson
15:42 08 May 19
Not only were they expedient in my care, but they were extremely polite and genuinely caring. From the time you walk in the door you can tell that it's more than your normal ER or urgent care facility. The attention given by each staff member to the patients and patients families is exceptional. I would definitely recommend making this your first stop in an emergency situation. I was extremely pleased with the services received. Thanks to the staff for making my visit less stressful and comforting.
Jacques Glover
04:07 16 May 19
The two times we have been to Hospitality ER have been amazing! They are so friendly and efficient. We took my 4 year old in last night for stomach pain and they did so well with him. He is scared of doctors who aren’t his normal pediatrician. Thank you for all your do Hospitality!
Kalena Jaggar
15:00 19 May 19
They weren’t kidding about the hospitality! Walked into a very clean and beautiful lobby. The ladies at the front desk were efficient and helpful. The lobby had plenty of snacks and drinks to choose from along with a therapist asking if anyone would like a neck and shoulder massage while waiting. The wait was short. The doctor we spoke to was very kind. Even in the back we had a different therapist ask if we needed anything to drink or eat and or a massage. We love it here!
Katie April
22:46 22 May 19
I was seen around 2 am this morning after driving 45 minutes to this location. Just minutes after filling out the paperwork, I was placed in a room and several staff started working their magic. The doctor was able to make a determination & treat me within half the time they told me it would take. The entire staff was courteous and went out of their way to show compassion, make me comfortable, & gave me outstanding care. I couldn't be more pleased.
15:30 23 May 19
This was my first visit as a patient. Every single member of the well-mannered staff was kind, considerate and understanding. Their patient care and their concern for the patient is very genuine. Everyone seems to love his or her job. I was given a sweet gift bag with goodies as I checked out. So happy and blessed to have this fantastic healthcare team in our city!
Michelle Hiltzman
05:27 31 May 19
From the moment I arrived at Hospitality Health ER in Longview and throughout my entire stay, every employee with whom I interacted demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, compassion and respect. All of these wonderful people appeared to genuinely concerned about my comfort, well-being, and peace of mind. Although I was in terrible pain, my experience was the best it could have been. I can not say enough good things about this incredible place. I will recommend it to everyone.
Diana Schnarr
21:56 01 Jun 19
This trip to an emergency room was the best experience of all the ones we have had. This was the first time we had used Hospitality Health ER. The treatment from start to finish was excellent. We felt the staff was professional, were extremely considerate and very attentive to find the cause for why we were there. Highly recommend this facility to anyone needing the care they provide.
Ruth Hathaway
17:25 07 Jun 19
This clinic is the best one I have ever been to out of three different towns and two states. Probably one of the best in America. They actually care about you and make me feel extremely safe and secure. They consistently check up on you to make sure everything okay and even called me the other day while I was at home to check up me. No clinic that I know of has or will ever go as far they do with their patients. Thank you guys so much for taking care of me and the rest of Longview. Also shout out to a RN named Holly who works there. She deserves a raise or something. And Doctor Kevan Zipin as well!!!!!!
00:22 13 Jun 19
They all go above and beyond! Making sure not only you, but everyone you are with is comfortable and well taken care of! Very friendly and professional staff! They work quickly and efficient to get you in a room and on your way! It's normally pretty busy and yet we still don't have to wait very long for the entire visit. A friendly shout out and great appreciation for all the staff there!! Keep up the great work! 👍😊
Amanda Mitchell
23:02 20 Jun 19
I absolutely love this place! They make you feel so welcome and treat you like family. They go out they way to make sure you’re okay and have everything you need, they also take their job very seriously they really care about their patients and not just here for a pay check. Sandy Patterson is a very sweet women, she comes back and forward to the rooms checking on patients and she also gives out get well cards, she is the nicest women I have ever met and I will never go to another ER because hospitality treats me so good and always make sure I’m feeling better before sending me home. Thank you so much guys!
Brandye Davis
00:53 21 Jun 19
Oh. My. Goodness. This place is fabulous. A friend recommended Hospitality ER. Their experiences were fantastic. How can an ER be fantastic? My husband went in for a brown recluse spider bite. He was seen immediately. His concerns were validated and proper meds were prescribed. They even offered a complimentary massage and sent him home with a bag of goodies. The most important thing was they didn't except his insurance and they took care of him anyway! Never heard of this in the medical field. Awesome. If we are ever in need of emergency medical care Hospitality Health ER is where we will go.
Lisa Orms
11:23 24 Jun 19
The staff is friendly and caring! They listen to your issues and do everything they can to help you! They make you feel important! They take great care of me.
Rebecca Brown
19:42 26 Jul 19
The staff here are so friendly and caring. My experience with them has always been wonderful! I'm so thankful they are in Longview. I couldn't ask for a better facility.
Kendra Chapman
20:27 26 Jul 19
My husband and I have Hospitality Health ER 3 times I believe. I had to go today for some issues associated with chemo. This place is awesome!!!! They treat the “patient” not a number or chart. There must have been 7 people involved in my care today. THIS is what customer service is all about. Every business in Longview needs to take customer service lessons from these people.
Kathy Huffman
01:18 28 Jul 19
Wow! This place is awesome. Everyone there is very attentive and friendly. From the time I arrived to the time I left I was made to feel like family. Not like I was interrupting their day by being there. If you have to go to an ER, THIS is the one to go to!
Floyd Oney
20:00 28 Jul 19
The absolute best experience I've ever had with medical staff. Everyone was friendly, service was quick and they never stopped checking in on me. Very hospitable. I would recommend to anyone. Any future health issues, I won't hesitate to come back!
Myesha Dowell
16:55 07 Aug 19
I highly recommend going here. They are ALWAYS so kind and helpful. I always feel at ease when I have gone here whether it was for me or my child. Best place to go by far!
Jessica Chiles
14:25 15 Aug 19
Great experience. Everyone was eager to be helpful and had a smile on their face. They were thorough and quick. Will come here again if need be.
Christina Wightman
15:05 19 Aug 19
The name says it ALL! Hospitality at its finest! They have people waiting on you hand and foot. They take their time with you and explain everything they are doing. I definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone!
Nora Manley
21:23 21 Aug 19
I took my one year old son here because of an abscess/infection that wasn't getting better after he'd been taking antibiotics his pediatrician prescribed. The wait wasn't long at all. There was a nurse practitioner that had a background of pediatric care that took care of us. She was amazing! All of the staff there made sure we were taken care of. Someone was always there asking if we needed anything. We ended up having to stay the night so they could give my son antibiotics through IV through the night. They moved us to a bigger room that was more like a hotel room. It was comfortable enough for me and my husband to stay there with our son. They gave my son a new pair a pj's to wear. Anytime we needed something, they jumped right on it. All of the extras like the snacks/drinks they have out for you to help yourself to or the gift bag with the toys in it that they gave my son or the complimentary massages we were offered are really nice but most of all, I was highly impressed and extremely happy with how well my son was taken care of. It's sad to say, but he would not have gotten that kind of care at a regular hospital ER. They have definitely set the bar high and we will always choose to go here when needed.
Crystal Brazil
12:31 26 Sep 19
Professional and hospitable! The hospitality started at the main entrance where we were greeted with a smile and the door opened for my family. We were greeted again at the front desk and asked how they could help us. The entire lobby was fresh and clean. It did not smell like a typical emergency waiting room. There was a big screen TV with a kid-appropriate movie playing. The wait was not long at all. We were called back and immediately the staff got to work gathering required information and tending to our medical issue. We were checked on constantly and I believe the staff sincerely cared about our mental and physical wellbeing. This experience was fantastic. May the LORD continue His work in this place.
Robert Martin
18:07 29 Sep 19
I took my one year old son here because of an abscess/infection that wasn't getting better after he'd been taking antibiotics his pediatrician prescribed. The wait wasn't long at all. There was a nurse practitioner that had a background of pediatric care that took care of us. She was amazing! All of the staff there made sure we were taken care of. Someone was always there asking if we needed anything. We ended up having to stay the night so they could give my son antibiotics through IV through the night. They moved us to a bigger room that was more like a hotel room. It was comfortable enough for me and my husband to stay there with our son. They gave my son a new pair a pj's to wear. Anytime we needed something, they jumped right on it. All of the extras like the snacks/drinks they have out for you to help yourself to or the gift bag with the toys in it that they gave my son or the complimentary massages we were offered are really nice but most of all, I was highly impressed and extremely happy with how well my son was taken care of. It's sad to say, but he would not have gotten that kind of care at a regular hospital ER. They have definitely set the bar high and we will always choose to go here when needed.
Crystal Brazil
12:32 26 Sep 19
This place is truly amazing. The staff took care of me right away and I received my results fast. Everyone is very friendly especially Dr. Miller! He was honestly sweet and so kind hearted. I highly recommend this place. ( I never make reviews so that’s how much I appreciated this place)
Ashley Ayala
21:01 02 Oct 19
Today I was in a lot of pain, my heart rate got crazy and I was so scared to ask for help Dr. Mack treated me with such great bedside manner and listened to me , gave me options for being admitted or wait and see if my primary can figure something out without a hospital stay Corey propped up on a stool and talked with me and mark comforted my fears today, my first 3 nurses were great to me today as well I didn’t feel like a burden today and that hasn’t happened in a long time. Today I wasn’t put in a box when I said I’m in pain and I’m truly thankful
Christina Dixon
04:50 18 Oct 19
Efficient and such caring staff all around. Never thought I could "enjoy" an ER stay, but if you have to go, this is the place. It's obvious the doctors and nurses, and all the staff really care. The facility is lovely (feels more like a hotel spa than a hospital, especially in the extended stay suites!), and they go out of their way to make sure you and your family are comfortable.
Kim Stebbins
14:57 01 Nov 19
Free valet. Massages. Lots of snacks and drinks. Customer service is excellent! Super friendly. They fed me Pizza Hut pizza because i was there through lunch time. Left with a goody bag and blanket. Not there for the freebies, but friendly people who check on you every ten minutes or so and offer ways to make you feel better when you feel so bad is very appreciated❤
Mary Hernandez
22:34 10 Nov 19
Hello I went to Hospitality ER on November 9,2019. I couldn't believe the service that I received. I didn't want to leave. I forgot that I was ill. They even told me how nice I was dressed. They also had plenty refreshment to drink and eat. Will tell everyone how fantastic they are. Ruddie Barnett
Ruddie Barnett
13:04 14 Nov 19
Awesome experience from the time we walked thru the door! Clearance greeted me with a warm smile as well as the other two ladies that were present at the desk. Less than a 10min wait time and Ruby was calling us back to get weight and to take us to the room. Walking into the room Carly the nurse was awaiting to get started on all the details of what brought us here etc. Kimberly brought him joy by bringing a goody bag and juice. I received a wonderful massage given by Haley while I waited with my son. This trip for my sick child made us both feel better! Jared you have an awesome staff at this Hospitality Er and it shows that the workers are happy here😁. Longview, TX is grateful to have this place here to serve our community. Many, many, many thanks!
Sherlyn Allen
15:03 21 Nov 19
Hospitality, their name says it all. They put care into caring! Went in because I was feeling bad, possibly something more than flu it felt like. I get signed in and wait my turn. Meanwhile an attendant comes in the waiting area rolling a cart of soup from Jason's Deli and starts handing soup out to anyone who wants some, FREE. They also have a complimentary area of drinks and snacks. A little while later another person walks around giving neck and shoulder massages to anyone who wants one. Everyone was so caring, concerned and efficient. I felt like I was getting the royal treatment. I think all medical facilities could a learn a thing or two. They went above and beyond the call of duty, for reasons I won't say, but they did. And when I was discharged, they handed me a gift bag with some nice products. The BEST! Thank you!!!
Kathy Fain
22:46 15 Dec 19
The wait was a little longer than anticipated but still much shorter than a normal ER. The biggest word that comes to mind is comfort! Despite the wait they came around offering sodas, pizza, and even shoulder rubs!! For free and by professionals! In the room I lost the time because we were comfortable! Watching a movie! Excellent service!
Aaron Turner
02:09 17 Dec 19
Highly recommend this place!! They treat you like royalty, I left feeling like a princess. Such a wonderful staff. I even got a gift when I left❤️❤️❤️ They really go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and special.
Kaylee Villescas
19:36 22 Dec 19
I had to wait 45 minutes but the waiting room was packed. I had my headphones in to relax and did not hear them call my name. When I went to investigate, they were apologetic and took me back ASAP. Super nice staff. I was checked on several times and always asked for what I needed. The doctor was very personable. By the next morning, I was 90% better. This is the best place ever!!
Kimberly Winsted
17:25 25 Dec 19
This is by far the best ER! The people that work there are the most caring and compassionate people you will ever meet. I only wish I could give them 10 stars. They are always more than willing to take time and answer every single question. They go above and beyond any other ER you will ever visit!
Amber Followill
03:08 27 Dec 19
This is the most pleasant experience I have ever had in a medical setting. The staff is very friendly and very attentive. They offered us food and drinks, pillows and warm blankets while we waited, multiple times. They even brought around pizza! Even though it was very busy, we weren't just checked in and forgotten till it was our turn. I was made to feel very comfortable and cared for and kept informed about my situation.
Jo Burn
04:51 15 Jan 20
What a breath of "fresh air" especially when you are sick! I went in just before the new year with respiratory issues. The Staff is very friendly and wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and had what I needed. The medical staff was very knowledgeable and I was treated with the best of care. The "ER" has a very comfortable and inviting "feel" to it....not scary at all! I do not enjoy being sick but the staff at this facility made me feel comfortable while they treated what "ailed" me.
Paulette Smith
22:11 16 Jan 20
Everyone here is amazing. They have a great system and are way better than the ER. I was here with my husband a few days ago and then today for myself. The Dr's are great and attentive. Nurses are amazing. I even got a neck massage while I waited and was offered lunch. Can't beat the attention you receive. Would recommend and return.
Andrea Harmon
19:16 19 Feb 20
As anyone who follows my reviews knows, it is very rare for me to give a five star review. I follow very strict guidelines when it comes to my specific details that we require any organizations received five stars in a compliment. I say all that to say this… If you were looking for top quality healthcare, if you are looking for top customer service, If you are looking for the latest in amenities, if you are looking for impeccable people, GO TO HOSPITALITY HEALTH ER!!
Matthew Cannon
11:17 01 Dec 19
This is my first time visiting Hospitality ER and it was a GREAT experience! I called other clinics in the area and the wait time was over 2 hours, I was able to get in and out within about 45 minutes. The staff was so nice and helpful, I would recommend this location to friends and family.
Bobby Voss
15:46 20 Dec 17
We were so overwhelmed with the care received on our visit to Hospitality Health ER in Longview. The sign in paperwork is very minimal. Within 30 minutes we had more care than our local ER would have done. My husband was very sick with cellulitis. They found that he had an infection right away and got us in a room quickly. They done thorough testing to make sure he got the correct treatment for his illness and kept us overnight. Once they knew we were staying they made us both very comfortable in the room and even got us dinner after 11 o'clock at night! The rooms are very nice and stocked with coffee, sodas and water as well as snacks. They brought in a bed for me to stay with him that night. They were able to run test and have them read within minutes and all right there under one roof. The doctor was very knowledgeable and didn't rush through talking with us. He took his time to explain future care and suggestions for health changes. In the morning we were greeted with breakfast tacos brought around to the room. The waiting room is stocked with all types of snacks and drinks as well, plus they bring around food at meal times. The main thing I noticed is that everyone, from the front desk to the nurses to the doctors, acted happy to be there and you felt they really enjoyed their jobs. No one was sitting around and waiting for the time clock. They all work together too like a family. When we left, I expected to have to sign paperwork or pay a bill, but we didn't have to. They met us to tell us thank you for visiting with them and gave us a gift bag. They also provided us with an overnight bag which even included pajamas. They really think of everything and even gave us a blanket to take home since it was our first time to go there. It definitely will not be our last as we will use them whenever needed. Thank God for businesses like this. Other clinics and hospitals should take lessons from them!
Loretta Arnold
22:52 06 Mar 20
I came to Hospitality Health ER not feeling well. I couldn't have asked for better care. They were very through and showed genuine concern for my comfort and well being during the entire process. I recommend them 100%!!!
Jan Belcher
13:37 30 Jul 20
I have never been to an emergency room that treats you as a priority the way Hospitality ER does, all the way from the massage, snacks, drinks, and food the offer, to the care they provide. It is why it is the emergency room I prefer to go to now because I know I will be treated well. The word Hospitality in their name speaks the truth because they most certainly have that! Only thing they do not have that I wish they did was an online portal that patients could access their discharge paperwork easier if they cannot find their paperwork and need to review some info from it. But then again, no ER I have ever went to has that!!!!
Lauren Looney
14:15 31 Jul 20
I had never been there before but my sister had told me how wonderful it was.It really is.. I like being treated like a person.. They will spoil you with all the attention and care.. I even got a massage.. I recommend it .I.will go back! You will love it it's the best health care especially ER care!♥️♥️
Ginny Howard
03:10 10 Jul 20
Came to Hospitality ER again for the third time and was lucky enough to experience Sandy AGAIN. They were super busy but Sandy made sure to take good care of me and my family! The first time I came she made me a root beer float which I will never forget! I definitely recommend this hospital!!
Mone Blanton
15:44 21 Jul 20
My care and treatment at Hospitality this week far exceeded all of the wonderful things I had already heard about it! Everyone really does do their best to make your experience an awesome experience. The care and attention to detail was superb. Hebrews 13:2 is practiced by every employee I came in contact with: "do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."
Suzy Gillespie'
20:51 04 Sep 20
August 16, 2020 while vacationing with my granddaughter, her friend and my friend in Galveston - we found ourselves at the Hospitality ER due to a Stingray injury. In all of my 61 years, I have never encountered such an inviting, stress free and friendly atmosphere. It was over the top EXCELLENT. All employees including front staff to the doctor were exceptional friendly and helpful. The patient, a 16 year old friend was scared and upset but they quickly and efficiently calmed her nerves. Again in an emergency situation, away from home - it was AMAZING!
Terri Tyner
03:49 29 Aug 20
I have used Longview Hospitality Health ER on many occasions. The staff, facility and atmosphere is well deserving of a 5 star rating. You are met with kind, compassionate, caring staff ready to comfort and address all your medical needs.
Cristi Cannon
19:24 23 Aug 20
I love going to this hospitality!! I been to this hospitality ER 3 times and they have treated me with wonderful respect, I never had a bad vibe going to this hospitality, there staff is amazing/wonderful the last time I went the hospitality ER they gave me a blanket and card😊 That card was hand drawn and it was my favorite flowers (Sunflowers). 🌻 That made my night when I opened that card! 😃🥰
Sarah Dickerson
03:50 02 Sep 20
Absolutely amazing!!! I came from Shreveport because my mom told me about her experience here and everyone in there was so sweet. They offered me pillows, blankets, neck massage, food and beverages.. it was wonderful! They gave me a complimentary blanket since it was my first time visiting as well as a bag full of goodies to take home! I will most definitely be coming back!
kirsten colquitt
04:38 13 Dec 20
You guys are awesome. I could not believe how professional and kind all of the staff was. They all treated me and my wife like we were family. I was even given a back rub while I waited to see the Doctor. Then they gave me and my wife a very nice blanket to take home. I was having a very stressful day but the staff made me feel special. Thank all of you for reminding my family that even though times are difficult there are still medical personnel that care and show it. Great place.Thank youThomas Burnes
Thomas Burnes
03:21 25 Jul 20
This place is truly amazing and so get the meaning of hospitality! For you veterans out there, Dr Archer been there done that as an Navy man. He was wonderful to work with and listens with compassion. I can’t say enough about him and how he makes one feel that he is there for your medical needs. Kayla who is the hospitality room, really cares and is there for whatever your needs will be. Thank you both in helping me personally with my medical needs. You both are truly amazing! And appreciated.
Kevin holland
01:50 05 Sep 20
This was the first time I've used y'all's facility, and I can say is an Agency ER nurse for 18 years, all over East texas and Louisiana, I have never experienced the kind of treatment that we received at the Longview branch. They are amazing, it was the 1st time to experience actual pleasure to go to an ER. The treatment that we received, from the neck massages to the snacks, to the fruit and Gatorades. EVERY single Employee we encountered were phenomenal. I will never use another ER again. We defiantly did not Just feel like a Number.Thank You for the Experience. It has opened my Eyes to the Posiblities of Improving other Hospitals Treatments of Patients.
Pamela Phagan-Fletcher
20:09 15 Sep 20
I went to Hospitality yesterday because I fell in my home. I do not like go to the doctor because I try to stick it out and treat myself. The staff was compassionate and the service exceptional. The care I received was phenomenal! The service was quick and efficient. In the future, I will try not putting off getting care. This is a five star facility!
Cindy Lindley
18:03 21 Feb 21
I’m not one to write reviews ever so this has to be a good reason for me to write a review. I was nervous going because I don’t have insurance and was scared I was going to have to pay a fortune but it wasn’t that bad at all. They even give you a self pay discount if you pay it all upfront too. As soon as I got there they checked me in and walked me immediately back to my room. I had no wait time at all. The staff was super nice and made me feel like I was at home and knew them for years. Hospitality ER made sure to listen to everything and went above and beyond. Multiple people came to check on me offering a fan or a warming blanket to keep me comfortable. It was like a mini hotel room. They even had a cute little snack station with drinks as well when you were leaving. I 100% recommended this ER and will never go anywhere else. I have personally never seen such an amazing ER in my life. They definitely live up to their name.
Krissy Baertschi
01:50 15 Mar 21
I took my wife to Hospitality ER after a fall at home. It is difficult to express the way the staff there treated us with total dignity and compassion. The level of care was such a stark difference from what we have all been accustomed to in the medical industry. I commend the Longview Hospitality ER for their performance. We were both treated with attention to detail at every stage of care. Thank you for treating us as someone who matters instead just another number on a page.
Tom Cook
01:29 31 Mar 21
This is a top-notch 24-hour emergency services venue. The staff is extremely nice they are well versed in how to handle most situations. Their service to their customers is unparalleled when you compare it to other emergency rooms on Emergency Services. They follow up with our customers make sure that the treatment is helping them and whatever it was if they were scene 4. I would use this facility again in the future
Charles Paxton (Sociallyinsanepoet)
04:00 12 Apr 21
They took outstanding care of my husband when he was having a heart event. They immediately stabilized him and kept him monitored, took care of us by feeding us lunch, coffee and tea, and made all of the arrangements to transfer him to Longview Regional, which took 8 hours, but they never stopped taking care of us! Then, the PA who treated my husband came to Longview Regional the next day to check on him and us. Efficient & caring. No one wants to go to the ER, but if you have to, this will be the place we always go to from now on.
Kathy Poynor
17:57 07 Apr 21
I went to Hospitality Health ER Longview back in 2019. They treated my family and I really well while I waited for the doctor. Had a good experience minus why I was there. Also the price was probably better than going to Regional or elsewhere, that's without insurance. I highly recommend this place. Friendly staff, doctors/nurses.
19:53 05 Jan 22
The Hospitality Health ER Longview staff are caring, loving, makes sure you are comfortable, very attractive to their patients. One nurse alway very caring and attractive to our special needs young man is "Mark". The wait sometimes can be long but they go over and beyond to make sure you are feeling better before you leave. Thank you all for caring for our family. A wonderful out going staff.
JOY Rios
21:55 13 Jan 22
Best place to get covid treatment. They give prescriptions and supplements/vitamin regimen. Asked, "Do you need anything?" and meant it. Warm fresh blankets, cool pillows, migraine ice pack mask, water/refreshments. Will always choose this ER over anywhere in town.
Savanna Hamilton
17:54 22 Jan 22
Today was my first visit and the care provided to me was exceptional. The ladies at the front desk were courteous and explain the process and what insurance is accepted. I checked in and my tech was very attentive and took great care. Dr. Anderson and the nurse assigned to me we exceptional. Ms.Joyece was kind and sweet and made sure I was warm, as I was freezing when she came to check on me. This was a wonderful ER visit with exception care being provided.
Jamie White
19:05 23 Feb 22
I brought a family member here for a horrible toothache they were experiencing. From the moment we got there until the moment we left, the service was top tier. Every single person we interacted with was so kind and helpful from the front office staff to the nurses and doctors. They were able to alleviate my family members pain. They had complimentary valet, snacks as well as drinks. Such a great customer service experience.
Shelby Cummings
00:05 13 Mar 22
I was admitted to hospitality e.r. on Wednesday morning I stayed until they had to transfer me to another hospital for a specalist. Hospitality is the greatest place you could be when you are sick/ injured. They make sure your needs are met and then some. When I got to the transferred hospital they hadme some flowers sent over from Ann's Petals. It was such a sweet gesture. I recommend hospitality to all my friends and family.
Laura M
18:21 18 Mar 22
I appreciate Hospitality ER so much and it has become my family's "go to" place when our regular physicians are busy or not available. It's so refreshing to be treated like you matter and your concerns are valid. To be put at ease and comforted when you are in need of help. To be treated with medication promptly instead of being told everything has to "run its course" as with other Urgent Care facilities in the area. Even their billing system is better than average and allows for an online portal you can use to pay and check your balance. Every person that works in this facility is top notch!
Amy Hertel
16:50 31 May 22
7am Sunday morning, Mother's Day, no wait time, staff was extremely helpful & courteous. Took most of the day, however, they made that clear up front, given my condition. I left feeling relieved, renewed and with a positive outlook. Doctors & nurses were very good at checking on me frequently and keeping me updated as to their progress. I had a GREAT meal there. Explanations were clear and concise. I hope to never have to go to an ER again but if I do it'll be here! Thanks for all you did for me!
Jason Sypert
15:21 10 May 22
I absolutely love longview Hospitality Health ER! They are always so accommodating and kind. Miss Sandy is the best ever. I have wonderful memories of how dedicated she is to the Hospitality service she provides. Love, gentle, and kind!!! Way to go Sandy! You're the most amazing worker. Thank you!
Cassie Jones
00:19 17 May 22
Took my wife here for a severe allergic reaction. The staff, as always was super attentive, caring, and their mannerisms were that of people who really enjoy their jobs. One minor staff issue we mentioned in passing was addressed quickly and courteously not only by a supervisor, but also one of the hospital administrators. Special shout out to Lily on the 2nd floor, you could be a blueprint for other staff members!
Herman McCall
12:18 28 Apr 22
This was the most amazing hospital experience my husband has ever experienced. Everyone that we came in contact with was helpful. The doctor was amazing in making us feel comfortable. The whole entire staff here, right down to the custodial workers are phenomenal! We will most certainly be going back!
Emily Cook
14:52 14 Jun 22
As a medical professional myself, I can attest that this ER provides prompt, professional, and trustworthy care. I send my own loved ones here. I highly recommend Hospitality Health ER.
Melody O’Dell
15:11 29 Jun 22
I went into Hospitality ER with Covid symptoms & they treated me like royalty. I ended up testing positive & was there for 5 hours. I'll never go to another ER again after my experience at Hospitality. Their professionalism, kindness & overall care was top notch! My thanks to the entire staff.
David Barkley
20:49 13 Sep 22
Had severe lower back and left knee pain. They did an MRI and were able to diagnose the problem.They took care of the swelling and pain immediately. Treated me with respect and compassion.I was referred to an Orthopedist for the following day.I will always use this place over a hospital emergency room. Hospitality ER has wonderful sweet nurses and great physicians.
Sandra Walsh
00:35 22 Sep 22
I would choose this hospital ER over any other hospital! The nurses, doctors are very helpful friendly and take good care of you! I’ve used them 3 times and I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!
Angela Michele Butcher
22:59 08 Oct 22
I appreciate your staff very much. But I am not a mom looking for attention. I am a mom of two girls and I need your nurses to know that. Of course there are other patients who are more sick than my kids. I came to your ER twice for my child who was wheezing. She doesn't have a history of wheezing so obviously I was concerned. I'm just disappointed that Judson was not empathetic. I know they were eager to go play golf but ER nurses should be very understanding. Thank you for the steroids that will help my child.
Catherine H
00:03 28 Oct 22
Tonight was the most amazing experience I've had in an ER. All the staff were so friendly and helpful looking after our needs. As the ill patient, the staff quickly began giving me medical attention, and running several tests. As an unexpected bonus I was given a first time patient blanket. One of the staff members brought us food and drink, then lastly gave us a gift as we were leaving for allowing them to care for us.Truth is this staff was the real gift. What a wonderful, wonderful experience
charla moyer
06:07 27 Dec 22
Wow - what a pleasant experience that was from the beginning! It was our first time in (we live in Austin and were just in Longview visiting family when my daughter had an allergic reaction to something she ate), and they got us right in to a room. We never even sat down in the waiting room. They treated my daughter with some IV meds and she quickly improved. Staff kept popping their heads in our room, asking if we cared for anything to eat or drink. Then massage therapist comes in and offers every person in the room a complimentary massage! What?!? The doctor was kind and thorough with a professional bedside manner. I cannot imagine a better ER experience. We were out of there inside of an hour. I was blown away by what amounted to a perfect experience. THANKS SO MUCH HOSPITALITY HEALTH ER!!!Don’t waste your time anywhere else.
Heath Faulkner
16:40 13 Dec 22
Unfortunately, I have faced a few years of health issues resulting in 3 different surgeries. The times before and after these was helped by having the staff at Hospitality to diagnose the issues, manage the pain leading up to the surgery as well as finding a few issues that came after. I'm grateful to them all for kindly taking care of me and being beside me on this stressful journey. I cannot imagine facing the pain and uncertainty without them. They are a medical resource that is staffed with caring, kind, and extremely knowledgeable people who add a wonderful medical option for Longview.
Angel Cary Bates
21:25 23 Oct 23
This is BY FAR the BEST ER care facility I have ever visited. They take excellent care of you here and truly do everything to make sure they miss nothing before you leave. Dr Cahill is very caring and truly cares about his patients. The nurses are very attentive and helpful, Ive never had a better more thorough visit with a doctor than I had coming here for my knee. Excellent care!!!! I would give 10 stars to this facility if I could.
Nichol Robnett
17:38 24 Oct 23
If I could give MORE stars, I would.(I am writing this from the standpoint of an RN and a Nurse Practitioner of 25+ years, so yes, I have a LOT to compare the care received here to.)This has got to be, hands down THE BEST medical facility I have ever been too. Greeted immediately at my vehicle by security (they walked to my car in the parking lot), offered a wheelchair for assistance. Check in was super easy. Offered a blanket and a beverage to both myself and my spouse in the waiting room. Taken back within 10 minutes of arrival (and they were incredibly busy) and again offered food/blankets. I received pain/nausea medication promptly after starting my IV. Moved from a triage room to another private ER room with a stocked mini fridge and snacks. Imaging and labs performed very expeditiously. Then moved to one of the 23 hour obs rooms that was also very clean, spacious, and stocked with food and drinks. They even offered pj’s.Everyone went above and beyond what was expected.BIG thank you to everyone who works there!!!Edit: they have a masseuse on staff for non-traditional treatment as well. I don’t think this place could get any better!!
Betsy Chappell
17:33 17 Aug 23
Was positive for Covid and the flu. Dehydrated and hurting all over. Short of breathe. They took me in and got IV fluids started and pain meds. Antibiotics. Bloodwork and urine sample. Everyone was GREAT! Dr. Scott Bier (Col. Bier) was great. His support staff was great. No complaints. I was in bad shape when I went in and much better when I left. Will always trust Hospitality ER in Longview for any serious medical needs. Thanks again! It was an honor being treated by a veteran. Much respect to all the men and women serving and protecting our country. Much respect to the medical professionals working also. They are all front line and deserve praise! Thanks again!!
Phil Bradley
13:18 10 Oct 23
I am a nurse so I am very critical when it comes to healthcare, especially when it involves my family. This place blew me away with their customer service and standard of care. We waited less than 5 minutes upon arrival before we were brought to a room. Within minutes, they were running tests on my husband and drawing labs. The doctor was extremely thorough, sat down to make us feel like he wasn’t rushed for time, and made sure to answer any questions from all members of our family. On the way to the ER, I had a mental list of all the tests I was going to demand they run to get to the bottom of my husband’s symptoms. I never even had to ask. They left no stone unturned. The place was immaculate. We probably didn’t go 15-20 minutes without seeing a member of the team coming to check on us. I felt like they did an outstanding job keeping us informed. Every person we encountered was a top-notch professional. The massage, the snacks, the goodie bag were just icing on the cake. I am very impressed! I hope we don’t ever need to visit an ER again; however, if we do, it will definitely be at Hospitality ER.
Kristy Grubbs
01:08 21 Mar 23
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