10 Family-Friendly Holiday Games: From Board Games to Bingo, There’s Something for Everyone!

family holiday games

Going home for the holidays is full of catching up with your loved ones, eating delicious meals, running into your old classmates, and…GAMES! Everyone loves playing games and it’s a great way of bringing together your family and friends who you haven’t seen in so long. 

Whether it’s a classic game of charades or a round of hide and seek with the kids, games can help alleviate some of the stress that can sometimes come with the holidays, as well as help pass the time during the limbo period between Christmas and New Year’s. Here are some fun holiday-themed suggestions for game night:

Holiday Movie Bingo! 

Who doesn’t watch at least one holiday movie during December? According to the Hallmark Channel, in 2019 they averaged 2.9 million same-day viewers for each of the 16 new holiday movies that aired in November! Turn your next holiday movie into an interactive game with Holiday Movie Bingo. All you need to do for this game is download this image

Elf Monopoly! 

Elf is a classic Christmas film that makes the whole family laugh. If you’re tired of watching it (unlikely but possible), switching it up and playing the monopoly version is a good alternative. Better yet, play it while watching the film! You can purchase it here

Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt!

This hunt includes over 200 holiday-themed cards that have typical objects that can be found inside and outside the house. This holiday season, partner up and get hunting. See the deck here

Open Gifts with Oven Mitts! 

This is a hilarious way to make opening gifts more fun—and challenging. Another added benefit is that it slows down the gift opening process, 

allowing one person at a time to open their individual gift. Not to mention, it makes for some great photo ops! 

family holiday games

Christmas Carols & Songs Game! 

We all know classics like “Frosty the Snowman!” or “Jingle Bells”, so why not put your holiday music knowledge to the test by playing this game with your family? 

Gingerbread House Contest! 

This one is exactly like it sounds: each person has a certain amount of time to create their ideal gingerbread house. Once the timer is up, set them all up on display, and vote on your favorite(s). This will be fun for the whole family, not to mention delicious! 

Where Are the Candy Canes?!

Do your kiddos’ love hunting for Easter eggs? If so, why not tie a bit of Easter egg hunting into Christmas! Instead of eggs, use candy canes and your children will have a blast. 

Cookie Contest! 

Cookies are a huge part of the holidays. Switching it up and making it into a contest is a fun way to get the family together while baking, decorating, and munching on some delicious desserts together. 

Holiday Mad Libs! 

A seasonal twist on a classic, holiday Mad Libs are an affordable, hilarious way to make the whole family laugh this holiday season. Get the stocking stuffer edition here.     

Reindeer Ring Toss! 

This game comes with inflatable reindeer antlers that can go on an adult or child’s head and rings for tossing. This is a fun way to get the whole family outside while playing a fun, interactive game together. 

If you end up trying any of these games or have other ideas to share, feel free to leave a comment on this blog or on our Facebook page! 

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