10 Useful Tips to Safely Celebrate Halloween During COVID

So much of our daily lives has been altered or changed due to the coronavirus. School is not the same, family vacations are different, and how we celebrate holidays will also have to change. The pandemic continues to cause us to think outside of the box.

Is Trick-or-Treating Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Safely celebrate Halloween by staying home and doing Arts and Crafts with your kids.

With so many changes to everyday life, parents and children want to continue with some of their normal yearly traditions. Halloween is one of the fun holidays that both adults and children enjoy dressing up for. Although costume parties and trick-or-treating in big groups are a no-go for this year, fun can still be had. Purchase costumes, take pictures, buy candy, and trick-or-treat with your pod.

How do we safely celebrate Halloween during COVID?

Trick-or-treating typically involves lots of interactions and close contact with strangers. However, parents can modify how their children trick-or-treat so everyone can remain as safe as possible. It is important to remember that  children are not immune to the virus. In fact, a life-threatening condition called MIS-C can happen in children who catch COVID-19, although it is rare. Pets can also contract the virus, so you want to keep them safe as well. With coronavirus still spreading, it’s important for people to continue to exercise social distancing. Halloween during the COVID pandemic can be done as long as you follow certain guidelines. 

We’re all probably getting the hang of how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by now. But here are a few ways to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID:

  • Steer clear from Halloween parties this year.
  • Only trick-or-treat in small groups with others who you know practice social distancing.
  • Continue to wear masks as you trick-or-treat.
  • Do not engage in close discussions with neighbors. It’s okay to catch up and talk, but do it from a distance and with your masks on.
  • Stay at least six feet from others while walking around.
  • Carry hand sanitizer to use after each house.
  • Keep it simple this year by giving out packaged candies. Don’t make special goodie bags or baked goods. Although it’s unlikely for the virus to spread through surfaces or food, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The less handling of the treats, the better.
  • Have children wash their hands right when they get home.
  • Wipe down candy packaging with an alcohol wipe before children eat. Click here to find EPA-registered disinfectants for use against COVID-19. 
  • Put other candy in a secluded place for 3 days (72 hours).

Safely celebrate Halloween during COVID by remaining 6 feet from other individuals.

Just remember that the coronavirus is still out there, so it’s important to continue to wash your hands, stay six to ten (or more) feet from others, and wear a mask. By following these necessary precautions your children will surely be able to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID. The biggest risk of trick-or-treating is not transmission of the virus through the candy but exposure to other people.  Each house you stop at and each person you pass has the potential of spreading the virus. Thankfully, trick-or-treating happens outdoors where the virus is less likely to spread. 

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