11 Ways to Beat COVID Cabin Fever

cabin fever

Are you tired of sheltering at home? Are your children tired of remote learning and being away from their friends? After being on lockdown for nearly a month now, many people are beginning to get cabin fever. Parents and children alike are ready for things to return to normal.  

Unfortunately, in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, people will need to continue to shelter in place, avoid crowds of ten or more, wash their hands often, and wear masks if there is a need to go out in public. It’s unlikely that schools will open again this school year, so the senior class of 2020 will unfortunately not have their graduation ceremony as planned. With all that is going on, depression, anxiety, and anger are all normal responses. There are many mental health counselors still holding sessions virtually, so reach out to your doctor or insurance company if you need a referral.

Ideas to Beat Coronavirus Cabin Fever

In order to break up the monotony of your daily routine, here are a few ideas of things you and your family can do in hopes to alleviate some of the stress of sheltering in place:

  1. Have a picnic in the back or front yard.
  2. Pitch a tent and camp out in the yard.
  3. Take a nature walk around your neighborhood or at local parks that are still open.
  4. Play a game of hide and seek outside with just your family members.
  5. Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt (six feet apart of course).
  6. Have a family game night.
  7. Have a dance-off (winner gets breakfast in bed).
  8. Try doing a virtual yoga class in your backyard.
  9. Start on your yearly spring cleaning.
  10. Host your own graduation ceremony for your high school senior with friends (use Zoom, Facebook Live, Facetime, etc. and have a celebration).
  11. Invite friends to do a drive-by to celebrate your child’s birthday. Have family members send videos and messages.

Children are also dealing with a lot of disappointment. Finding the silver lining is going to be difficult for many. As a parent, try to be honest about how the coronavirus is affecting you. Let your children vent and share their feelings as well. Validate your children’s feelings. However, make sure that you do not take your frustrations out on your children—remember that they are also dealing with a lot.

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