2019-2020 Flu Vaccine

2019-2020 Flu Vaccine

Flu season is coming, which means the 2019-2020 flu vaccine is here. If you’re one of those people who hesitates to get vaccines, know that the flu vaccine is your best bet to avoiding the flu. For those who are afraid of shots, the nasal vaccine is making a comeback and may be an option for you. Although the vaccine may not be foolproof, it’s well worth it. This is especially true for people with compromised immune systems. 

Who Should Get the Flu Vaccine?

Anyone aged 6 months or older should get the flu vaccine, according to the CDC. To be safe, always check with your primary care doctor before getting the vaccine.The flu shot is especially important for people with weak or compromised immune systems. This includes young children, pregnant women, and the elderly. A study showed that the flu vaccine significantly lowers a child’s risk of dying from the flu.

When Should I Get the Flu Shot?

It may take up to two weeks for the flu shot to take effect. That’s why it’s best to get the shot in late October before flu season starts. Even if you opt to get the vaccine later, it can still protect you for the remainder of the flu season. And yes, you still need a flu shot even if you got one last year. The flu virus is constantly changing. The antibodies in the vaccine that fight off influenza decline over time. 

Can I Take the Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine?

Although the nasal flu vaccine was deemed ineffective against certain strands of the flu during the 2016-2017 flu season, the 2019-2020 flu vaccine nasal spray is expected to be more effective. Who can take the nasal flu vaccine? Generally speaking, the nasal spray vaccine is approved for people ages 2 to 49 years of age. However, it is not recommended for children who have asthma or for those who take aspirin or any medications that contain salicylate. The nasal flu vaccine is also not recommended for pregnant women or those with weakened immune systems. 

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