3 Heat Exhaustion Questions Answered For Parents



Parents: do you have heat exhaustion questions? Did you know that kids are more prone to heat exhaustion because they have fewer sweat glands? If you have active kids that love to spend time outdoors, brushing up on a little first aid knowledge can’t hurt. If you’re looking for preventative measures, symptoms, and treatment for heat exhaustion, start right here.

As a kid, nothing feels better than the exhilaration of summertime shenanigansexploring the wonders of amusement parks, sand crafting on the beach, fishing in Lake Tyler, outdoor sports, and long hikes to anywhere with friends. But after a full day of child’s play in 95 degree heat under a piercing sun, there’s nothing less exhilarating than a bout of heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is not as severe as a heat stroke, but it can progress to a heat stroke if not treated. Brain and organ damage can occur when parents aren’t prepared to respond immediately.

Here are some things you should know about overheating:

What are heat exhaustion symptoms in kids?

If your child, tween, or teen is feeling off kilter after a long day under the sun, there’s a good chance they may be overheated. Heat exhaustion in children is very similar to the signs of overheating in adults. If your child has been playing in the sun all day and shows signs of fainting, irritability, nausea vomiting, muscle pain, headache, weak pulse, low blood pressure. increased sweating, excessive thirst, clammy skin, or an elevated temperature (less than 104℃), they are likely experiencing heat exhaustion.

How do I treat child with heat exhaustion? How long does heat exhaustion last?

  • Bring your child to a cool placeindoors, under the shade, or in an air-conditioned car.
  • Give them lots of liquids that contain salt and sugar. Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade work well against dehydration. For infants, you can give them Pedialyte.
  • Loosen their clothing and put a cool cloth on their forehead or around their neck.

=> If your child is still showing symptoms of heat exhaustion after an hour, go to your nearest Emergency Room. HHER is a 24-hour ER center serving East Texas including Lindale, Tyler, Mineola, and South Texas near the Galveston Island.

How do I prevent heat exhaustion?

Exposure to significantly high temperatures should be avoided as much as possible.

If you live in a city, like Tyler, TX, or travel to hot areas of the world, you should educate yourself and your children on how to prepare for a day in the heat. Encourage your family to take breaks from outdoor activities and hydrate themselves regularly throughout the day.

For more information on heat exhaustion and answers to heat exhaustion questions, check out the CDC’s infographic on the topic.

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