4 Indoor Activity Ideas for a Rainy Day

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When a downpour (or the COVID-19 self-quarantine) prohibits you from leaving the house, what types of activities will keep your kids from becoming screen-time zombies? Think back to the time when you were a kid. You didn’t have many modern luxuries like cell phones, tablets, or YouTube. So what did you do with your time? One of the funnest parts about being stuck indoors is that you’re forced to use only what you have at hand. Using only your resources and imagination, what types of indoor activity ideas can you come up with? Here are some questions to help you get going.

Simple Indoor Activity Ideas for Kids

What Can You Build for an Indoor Activity?

Do you have blankets, sheets, and chairs in your house? Then you have everything you need to build a fort with your kids. This is an activity that most kids absolutely enjoy. Encourage them to make it into a cozy hideaway with pillows, decorations, and snacks. Read a book to them inside the fort, and they’ll thank you for being the coolest parent ever.

What Can You Cook Together?  

When in doubt, you can always cook together. Help your kids make something that they’ll enjoy eating afterwards. Pancakes with fresh fruit seems to be a kid favorite, and it’s easy to prepare. If you have little ones, they can also participate by mixing or washing fruits and vegetables. If you have kids of different ages, click here for some age-appropriate cooking activities.

What Can You Create for an Indoor Activity?

Challenge your children to create something: stories, art, or music. Everyone has a pen and paper for writing a beautiful story or sketching their favorite characters. Join along with them, and make it fun by comparing your creations. You can even have everyone write a song, and find makeshift instruments around your house to use. Studies have shown how making music does wonders for your brain, so have everyone write a song, and then find makeshift instruments around your house to use. Spoons, cups, pencils, cans, glass bottles all make for great music.

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