5 Foods That Boost the Immune System

foods that boost the immune system

With coronavirus and flu season underway, what can you do to prevent getting sick? Yes, washing your hands frequently is a great start. But what about your diet? Why not add foods to your grocery list that can help boost your immune system? Orange juice is a favorite go-to because of its vitamin C, but there are plenty of other foods that provide essential nutrients for a strong immune system. With the right nutrients, your immune system will do a better job protecting your body from germs. So without further adieu, here are 5 foods to boost the immune system.

Super Foods That Boost the Immune System

With a huge list of “super foods,” it’s hard to know which ones are good for what. When it comes to improving your immune system, you want to eat foods that fight off inflammation. Even it they don’t prevent you from getting sick, they may lessen your symptoms and shorten the amount of time you’re feeling under the weather. Here are just a few to start with:

Ginger: Inflammation can affect your body’s immune response. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties can help boost your immunity.

foods that boost the immune systemBeets: Beets contain fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants that fight off inflammation and serious ailments like cardiovascular disease and cancer. If you don’t like the taste of them on their own, try eating them with salad dressing to enhance their flavor.

Flaxseed: Just two tablespoons of flaxseed a day gives you enough omega-3 fatty acids to fight off inflammation. Flaxseed also contains lignans, which are antioxidants that are known to fight off different types of cancers. Flaxseed has a nutty flavor, so it tastes great with foods such as cereal, yogurts, and salads.

Oranges: By eating just half an orange, you’ll get your required amount of vitamin C for the day. Oranges are one of the most popular foods to boost your immune system, and they are also full of fiber, potassium, and calcium.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains various strains of probiotics that help with digestion and boost your immune system. It also offers protein and calcium for healthy nails, bones, muscles, and tissues.

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