5 Kids Activities for a Rainy Day

Kid in raining season

Rainy day? Too hot to go outside? Rather than letting your kids retreat into TV zombie land, there are many creative kids activities you can do to keep their minds and bodies active. Instead of spending money on new games or toys for them, challenge the kid inside of you to come up with activities using the resources you already have.

Creative Kids Activities for Building Stronger Noggins

Build a Wonderland of Blankets

Finding creative kids activities doesn’t have to be hard. Do you remember building a “fort” using blankets when you were a kid? Your kids will have just as much fun building their own little castle as you did. Have your kids stretch out sheets or blankets across a room. Weigh the corners down on top of furniture using heavy items like books. Join them inside their dreamy new world and tell stories, play music, or cut out shapes to decorate their new wonder world. Allowing your kids to play and explore is critical to their development.

Prepare a Mini Mystery Meal

Cooking is one of the best kids activities because you use all five senses and a variety of brain functions. Using whatever ingredients you have available, have your kids make a dish without telling them what it is. As they mix away, let your little sous chefs guess what they’re making. French Toast makes for a great guessing game and a yummy surprise. With just a few staple pantry products like bread, cinnamon, milk, syrup, and eggs, you can serve up a tasty mystery that will keep your kids guessing.

Make Music, Not War

To keep World War III from happening inside your home, have your kids blow off some steam with a jam session using everyday items from around the house. Who needs a guitar, piano, or drums when you have drinking glasses, plastic cups, spoons, shoes, a mouth, or hands? Have them create some words for a song or let them sing impromptu at the top of their lungs! Numerous studies have shown that making music does wonders for your brain. Even if your makeshift band isn’t quite up to Mozart’s standards, at least your proteges will learn to appreciate the art of making music.

When in Doubt, Write

When coming up with activities for the day, think about what you did when you were a kid. Before there were iPads, cell phones, computers, and “play dates”, there was pencil and paper. Some of us drew, some of us came up with short stories, others wrote poetry, or sorted out our feelings in our diaries. If you’ve run out of ideas for creative kids activities, writing is the ever faithful go-to (not to mention an opportunity for parents to get 20 minutes of peace and quiet).

Instructional Videos for Body and Brain Activity

YouTube is an endless source of creative activities. Choose videos that involve your kids’ participation. To start the morning off right, follow some yoga instruction with your kids to get their mind and blood flowing. If your kids love to dance, try GoNoodle videos that will teach your kids some new moves while they burn off some energy. If they love to draw, there are many drawing tutorials for beginners.  

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