7 Creative Play Ideas to Replace Screen Time

replace screen time

With busy days and hectic schedules we all deserve a little free time. But this doesn’t have to mean plopping the kids in front of the TV or handing them the iPad.  Screens are not the best way to engage your children and depending on their age, there are many other activities to entertain them. If the weather is bad and you’re feeling cooped up in the house, here are some great ideas to replace screen time:

Brain-Stimulating Activities to Replace Screen Time

  • Board games such as Monopoly, Checkers, Uno, Clue, or Connect Four
  • Arts and crafts such as making jewelry, painting, or small science projects
  • Story time, reading a new book and acting out the characters
  • Making cookies or healthy snacks
  • Drawing and coloring
  • Putting together a puzzle
  • Building a fort

If the weather is cooperative, then take the kids to the park, a local museum, story time at the library, camp out in the backyard, or go to a local craft store and participate in their arts and crafts activities. There’s also some great indoor activities around Galveston. As the day winds down, watch a family-friendly movie together and then cook a healthy meal and sit down and eat together, without any television, phones, or tablets. 

Unfortunately, these days, too many parents allow their children to spend the majority of their day in front of a television or tablet. However, the more creative and involved parents are in their children’s entertainment, the more improved your children’s cognitive and creative skills will be. Creative play also teaches children how to share, work with a team, and learn good sportsmanship.

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