Sacred 7 Emergency List by Your Local Tyler ER

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What doctor or Tyler ER should your kid be taken to if there’s a medical emergency?  Who can your babysitter call on to help with the other child? When it comes to our own kids, we usually know how to react when they get sick. It becomes second nature to parents. We know their typical behaviors and how serious a situation may or may not be. Now, imagine someone who knows little about your children, like a new babysitter or backup babysitter. Or a cousin or neighbor that may have to watch your children at last minute notice… How well will they be equipped to act in the event a child falls, breaks a leg, or passes out? 

Less than 50% of parents with children age 5 and under have emergency contact information posted. On a similar note, reports revealed only half the children with a known history of anaphylaxis received epinephrine prior to arriving at the emergency room or urgent care. While parents may be only a call away, sometimes they’re not close by to respond quickly enough in the event of an emergency. By having an emergency handbook immediately handy for anyone watching your kid, you can possibly prevent a catastrophic event from happening.

7 Musts for Your Babysitter’s Emergency Handbook From Your Local Tyler ER

Hospitality Health ER recommends you create an emergency list and leave it someplace visible and accessible, like your refrigerator. It should include these 7 pieces of emergency information, at the very least:

  1. Parents’ work or cell numbers
  2. Name and number of pediatrician
  3. How to get in touch with another family member, friend, or neighbor
  4. Preferred Emergency Room
  5. Insurance information
  6. Allergies and dietary restrictions. Include allergies to medicine as well.
  7. Current medications, dosage, and any other health requirements

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