A Guide to Shopping and Dining Out Safely in Tyler 

dining out safely in tyler

Months have passed since news of the coronavirus broke worldwide. While much remains unknown about the virus, we have learned some lessons that may be useful as you try to gain some normalcy during this time. With more shops and restaurants beginning to reopen, what are some ways you can venture out while minimizing your risk of exposure? How are folks dining out safely in Tyler? Here are some things to consider:

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What Kind of Restaurants Are Safe to Visit During the Pandemic?

Regardless of precautions taken, the risk of coronavirus spreading is higher when people get together. However, when restaurants and patrons take safety measures, you can reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. 

First, look for restaurants with outdoor seating. Eating outdoors is better because germs can disperse into the open air. Your risk of infection is higher when you eat indoors or in any contained space because of poor ventilation. You also want to look for restaurants that are following safety protocols like:

  • Sanitizing all regularly used areas consistently
  • Testing staff every 14 days
  • Screening staff and guests before each shift
  • Making staff wear masks while working
  • Positioning tables 6 to 10 feet apart
  • Offering disposable utensils to patrons
  • Using touchless payment options when possible
  • Providing disposable menus or encouraging guests to use online menus
  • Having signs posted that clearly state what is expected of patrons as well as staff

When in doubt, call the restaurant ahead of time and ask them about their safety protocols. Remember, the safest way to support restaurants is through carryout or delivery.

Outdoor Dining in Tyler, Texas

  • Javi’s
  • 1836 
  • Villa Montez 

Can COVID-19 Be Passed Through Food?

How people behave when eating has a much bigger impact on transmission than how food is cooked. Experts recommend wearing masks when diners aren’t sitting at a table to eat or drink. Servers should cover their faces whenever possible. When taking off masks, people should keep them clean and stored in separate bags.

Tips for Dining Out Safely 

  • Find a table that is positioned at least 6ft away from other tables and chairs.
  • Keep your face mask on while waiting to be seated and while ordering.
  • Follow the restaurant’s safety protocols.
  • Pay using a credit or debit card.
  • Practice social distancing while waiting to be seated.
  • Stay away from buffets. Because of the way they are set up, you may have to stand in close proximity to others while standing in line and share serving utensils.

What About Using Public Restrooms?

Using public restrooms can increase your risk of catching the virus. Flushing toilets and hand dryers can stir up germs. When this happens in an enclosed space, you are more susceptible to catching the virus. To reduce your risk, wait until the entire restroom is empty to enter. Only use paper towels to dry your hands. And of course, wear your mask and wash your hands.

Unfortunately, the only way to prevent spreading the coronavirus is by staying home, so the safest way to support restaurants is through carryout or delivery. For those who choose to regain some semblance of normalcy by dining out in a restaurant, it’s very important for them to follow local and state guidelines for social distancing


Is Going to Bars Unsafe?

Compared to restaurants, yes, you are more at risk catching COVID-19 at a bar. Why? Drinking alcohol makes people less careful about following safety protocols. Bars typically are packed with drunk or tipsy people yelling, shouting, and moving around, all in close quarters.


Can Packages Be Infected With the Virus?

The World Health Organization stated it is highly unlikely to catch the virus through packages. The virus will die by the time the package arrives at someone’s home. Yes, it’s true that the virus can last on surfaces for a couple of days, but there is no evidence that people can catch the virus from packaging. 

Why Is It Risky to Shop at a Grocery Store?

Your risk of the virus is highest when interacting with people, especially in closed spaces. Why? Because you’re exposed to the droplets produced when they talk, cough, or sneeze. Grocery stores can be risky because people interact with employees at a close distance. Keep any conversations brief, come prepared with a list to minimize the amount of time you spend in the store, and make sure to use hand sanitizer after you leave. 

Why Can’t I Use Reusable Bags When Shopping?

While most grocery stores have banned the use of reusable bags during the pandemic, there is actually little to no evidence of the virus spreading through reusable bags. As stated earlier, you should be most concerned with talking with the cashiers. But it’s always best to err on the side of caution, so we recommend complying with grocery store safety protocols during this time. Another way to play it ultra safe is by wiping down your counters after unloading items from bags.

Is It Safe to Go Into Retail Stores?

Just like grocery stores, shopping in retail stores can be risky because of the interaction with store employees and other customers. Also, keep in mind that smaller retail stores have less space to practice social distancing and have poorer ventilation than larger stores. It’s best to shop in larger stores and reduce the time you spend inside the store. Open air shopping malls are a great option, especially if stores keep their doors open to ventilate. Only enter stores that do not already have many people inside of them. Choose stores where employees are wearing masks, and, as always, keep your mask on as you shop and check out.

Outdoor Shopping in Tyler, Texas: 

  • Cumberland Village Shopping Center

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