A New Recipe for a Healthier Thanksgiving and a Healthier You

healthier thanksgiving

Are you thinking about how you can pull off a healthier Thanksgiving? Instead of talking about how to make a leaner turkey or guilt-free mac and cheese, let’s look at one recipe that can get forgotten in the holiday preparations—gratitude.  It’s proven that by helping yourself to a generous serving of gratitude everyday, you are essentially helping yourself get better and feel better.

Being Grateful Makes for a Healthier Thanksgiving and a Healthier You

Studies have found many benefits to living with an attitude of gratitude. Take a look at how being thankful can affect your physical and psychological well-being.

Physical health:

A 2012 study revealed that grateful people reported fewer aches and pains and felt generally healthier than ‘less grateful’ people. Grateful people tend to exercise more, attend regular check ups, and take better care of themselves overall. It makes perfect senseif you genuinely value life and good health, you’ll likely try harder to protect it.

And when it comes to getting good sleep, start writing all the things you’re grateful for right before you go to bed. Studies have shown how this practice led to deeper, longer sleep in study participants.

Psychological health:

One study revealed how gratitude reduces depression and aggression while boosting empathy and happiness. Think about it, if you’re thankful for what you have, you’re less likely to experience negative emotions such as jealousy, regret, and agitation. Being thankful for what you have, even in times of uncertainty or disaster, will help you become more resilient in the face of trauma and tragedy. Remember the old saying, “count your blessings”? Well, now you know the reasons.

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