Allergies in Texas: A Few Solutions for “Achoo!”

kid allergy

Many of us Texans share a common enemy – big time allergies! We have become all too familiar with the yearlong effects of Texas mold spores, ragweed, and other notorious allergy mongers. Allergies that come with body aches, foggy brain, and sinus headaches disrupt your A game at work, while allergies that cause asthma attacks, sore throat, watery eyes, frequent  “Achoos!”, and congested noses keep the kiddos home from school. This comes as no surprise when 55% of the US population have tested positive to one or more allergens. All in all, allergens are known to wreak havoc in our daily lives.

If you’re wondering when allergies hit or attack in Texas, let’s just say that our Texas-sized allergy issues are enough to keep our Texas allergists and immunologists cranking through patients on any given day of the year. Surrounded by pollen counts that can be over 1000, many of us find ourselves asking, “What can I do to fight off all the allergens near me?”

 Well, it’s time to put the boxing gloves on and get ready to fight off stuffy noses, itchy eyes, and lethargy with these quick, easy fixes:

 Natural Ways to Fight Allergies

  • Replace your filter in your air conditioning unit 33% sooner than recommended. If your AC filter is meant to last three months, replace it in two.
  • Clean your ceiling fans and dust every two days.
  • Keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible, especially during peak blooming season. In Texas, that is almost year-round when you take into account the various pollens, grasses, and molds that bloom from January through October.
  • Spray your family’s noses with saline spray to alleviate dryness, coughing, and congestion.
  • Use home products that reduce allergens in your home to help mitigate asthma and other allergy-related conditions.
  • Sign up for WebMd’s allergy ap to track and prepare for allergy seasons.

Over-the-Counter Medications to Fight Off Allergies

For allergy-fighting warriors open to medication, there are some over-the-counter drugs for allergies that continue to receive positive feedback. For adults, one pill of Claritin or Zyrtec along with a spray of Flonase a day does wonders for many allergy symptoms including stuffy nose, watery eyes, congestion, and lethargy. Benadryl is still a popular go-to antihistamine for children, although it still may cause drowsiness.

Prescription Medications for Allergies

See a board certified emergency physician at Hospitality Health ER for steroids or other prescription medications that may be able to fight off allergy symptoms that over-the-counter medications cannot.


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