Baby Nutrition: Healthy from the Start

A healthy baby is a happy baby.

Babies come in many weights and sizes, and grow at different rates. The size of a baby does not necessarily determine if they are healthy or not, or how big they’ll be as an adult. Proper baby nutrition is what’s important. Regardless of the baby’s size, or how fast they grow, parents should make sure their baby is fed nutritious and healthy meals whenever they are hungry. 

What Type of Nutrition Do Infants Need?

Infants receive all that they need to be healthy through breastmilk or formula. However, as kids grow older and begin to feed themselves, it’s important for the parents to offer the child several healthy choices.  

Baby Nutrition Tips 

  • When starting solid foods, start with vegetables instead of fruits.
  • Offer a variety of healthy snacks (let the child choose two favorites).
  • Introduce a new vegetable each week. This will help you learn what they like or if they have allergies.
  • Introduce a new fruit each week after vegetables have been established.
  • Create a mealtime routine.
  • If possible, encourage physical activity after each meal (for toddlers and older children, not infants).
  • Do not offer rewards if a child eats one more bite or eat something they do not like (this teaches them to expect rewards for eating healthy).
  • Enjoy meal time without phones, televisions, or tablets.

According to parent educators, mealtime should be a happy and safe time. Children should be allowed to eat until they feel full. If you have a picky eater, check out our blog for tips here.