Best Masks for Kids

fun face masks for kids

What are the best masks for kids? Wearing an Iron Man or Batman mask for Halloween is quite different than having to wear a mask all throughout the day. Getting kids to wear masks to keep them safe from COVID-19 is not easy, but it is necessary. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all children over the age of two should wear a mask when in environments where strangers or non-family members are congregated.

Some parents have made masks for their children. Others buy them from people they know. Some order them online from stores. Regardless of who or where the parents get them from, it’s important that the child wears the mask in public places.

fun masks for kidsWhat makes ideal masks for kids?

  • Breathable material with multiple layers
  • Comfortable fit for a child’s face
  • Adjustable straps for long term wear
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • One they are proud to show off 

Being forced to wear a mask during a pandemic can be a lot for anyone. For children, it may feel completely overwhelming. However, children are resilient and will bounce back better than ever. Parents can make mask-wearing into a fun family activity. Purchase some plain white masks and have a decorating party, where the family customizes their own mask with markers. You can also have children pick out their favorite characters, items, or colors to get them excited about wearing them. For parents who can sew, you can teach your children how to make unique masks that match their personalities. 

With so many changes to our daily lives, wearing a mask that represents your child’s personality could go a ways in helping them  get through the day.

Do all masks provide the same protection?

It is common knowledge that wearing a face mask is one of the first lines of defense in containing the coronavirus. The color and shape of the mask is not nearly as important as the material. However, new research states that masks with one-way valves or vents are not as safe as masks without them. The person wearing the mask with the breathing hole is protected, but their spittle is expelled through the hole and can infect someone else. Thin, stretchy “neck gaiters,” like those worn by runners, have also been found to be ineffective at preventing the spread of the virus. 

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