Fall Harvest Adventures: Teaching Kids About Farms and Agriculture

It’s natural for kids to be curious about the changing world around them. When summer becomes fall, you may find yourself answering questions about why the leaves change colors or why the air becomes crisp and cool. 

If your little ones have ever wondered where all their yummy fruits, vegetables, and other delicious foods come from, then autumn is a great chance to introduce them to the wonderful world of harvesting. 

This fall season is a great time to show your kids how harvesting is connected to farming and agriculture, and how you and your family can stay safe when you visit farms and go on harvest-related adventures.

Fall Harvest—One of the Biggest Harvest Seasons of the Year

Harvesting is like nature’s treasure hunt. Just as your child collects seashells on the beach or rocks from the park, farmers reap the rewards of a year’s worth of hard work during the fall harvest season by collecting crops like apples, pumpkins, and corn from their fields.

When you and your family visit a farm, pumpkin patch, or other places where they can experience or observe fall harvest activities firsthand, you are creating wonderful new traditions and showing your child just how important harvesting is for cultures all around the world.

When we teach our kids that farmers work hard each year to make sure we have fresh veggies, fruits, milk, and cheese for the meals we eat every day, we can impress upon them the importance of hard work, sticking to our goals, and the wonders of natural science. It also helps our kids have a better understanding and appreciation for the food that they eat.

Getting Your Kids Excited About Harvest Time

We can help our children learn more about farm animals, the fresh and healthy foods we eat, and the ever-changing outdoors by exploring fall harvest activities, such as:

  • Petting Zoos: Petting zoos are a great place for your kids to meet furry friends like goats, sheep, and bunnies. It’s fun to pet these animals and learn about how they live on the farm, but remind your child to be gentle and stay safe by following the rules.
  • Corn Mazes: Corn mazes are like giant puzzles made out of corn stalks, just waiting for your family to explore and solve. Remind your kids never to go alone through mazes and accompany them since it’s easy to get lost. Thankfully, there is always a way out! 
  • Pumpkin Patches: Pumpkin patches can be a fall wonderland for the entire family to enjoy. After your child picks the perfect pumpkin, your family can come home to safely carve them into spooky or silly faces together.
  • Farms: Visiting farms that are open to the public can give your family a much-needed break to connect with nature. It’s also a great way to support local agriculture. 
  • Farmers’ Markets: At your local farmers’ market, you can find fresh, locally-grown food and handmade crafts. Farmers’ markets are also places to form unique connections with your community—all while having a good time with the family.

Local Farms to Visit During the Fall Harvest Season

Your family can visit the following local farms for a closer look at the fascinating world of agriculture.

Farms Near Galveston, TX:

Farms Near Tyler, TX:

Farmers Markets to Visit During the Fall Harvest Season

Your family can visit the following farmers’ markets to gain a deeper appreciation for the fall harvest.

Farmers Markets in Tyler, TX:

Farmers Markets in Longview, TX:

Farmers Markets in Galveston, TX:

Safety First: Tips for Autumn Farm Fun

Farms and other fall harvest-related activities are exciting, but they come with rules to keep everyone safe. 

  • Listen to Grown-Ups: Always make sure that your child stays close to you and follows your instructions while exploring the farm.
  • Wash Those Hands: After touching animals or playing outside, remember to have your child wash their hands with soap and water. Washing up after touching farm animals prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Be Gentle with Animals: Animals are our friends. Encourage your child to treat them kindly by petting the animals gently and asking the farm workers if it’s okay to feed them—some animals may bite or have special diets.
  • Wear Appropriate Shoes and Clothing. Hiking shoes and boots are recommended for outdoor harvesting adventures. We don’t recommend wearing open-toed shoes or sandals.
  • Watch Your Step: Farms have bumpy paths and uneven ground. Remind your kids to watch where they’re walking at all times.
  • Sun Protection: If it’s sunny, your family members should protect their skin. Pack a hat and sunscreen to protect your child’s skin from the sun’s rays. 

By following these tips, you and your family can learn about the world of harvesting and agriculture while staying happy, healthy, and safe. 

Stay curious, and have a fantastic time exploring what the autumn season has to offer!

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