Firework Safety: 10 Simple Tips for Parents from Your Local Emergency Room

Firework safety

Hey, parents! Make sure your kids read this blog too. With new year celebrations right around the bend, chances are you’re planning to see some fireworks. There’s nothing wrong with a little (or even a lot of) fireworks, as long as it’s done safely and you and your kiddos’ avoid a trip to the emergency room.

How to Have Fun With Fireworks While Staying Out of the Emergency Room!

The safest way to see fireworks is at a professional showing, but many families choose to do their own sparklers, poppers, snappers, and firecrackers at home. Remember: it’s important to let everyone around youkids, teens, and adultsknow that fireworks can cause serious injuries including blindness, burns, and loss of fingers. Emergency Room reports indicate that hand injuries are the most common injuries related to fireworks, and some instances, fires.

To avoid winding up in the emergency room on what should be a festive day, here are some tips from Hospitality Health ER to keep you and your loved ones safe:

Tip #1: Distance yourself

Stay a good distance away from fireworks, especially if they are being set off by people that aren’t professionals. It’s not just people who light the firecrackers that get hurt, but also the people watching nearby.

Tip #2: Only adults should light fireworks

Only allow adults to light fireworks. Kids’ love to explore and use their imagination, even when it comes to fire. 

Firework safetyTip #3: Avoid the indoors

Do not use fireworks indoors under any circumstances, even sparklers. Sparklers get as hot as 1800 degrees. If you allow your kids to hold one, make sure an adult is standing close by to watch, and that they hold it away from their face.

Tip #4: Don’t leave kids unattended

Avoid your kids from playing with fireworks unattended. Although fun, fireworks can be dangerous. Ensure your kid’s are always in eye sight of an adult when there are fireworks around. 

Tip #5: Be prepared

Have a hose or water nearby in case of a fire. Of course, if any fire starts, you can contact your local fire department. But to prevent spreading, throw water on it as soon as you possible can. 

Tip #6: One at a time

Light fireworks one at a time. Many people love to one-up their neighbors with their firework “display”, but try to light them one at a time, rather than 3 rockets, and 2 firecrackers, all at once. 

Tip #7: Know where to point

Don’t just point your fireworks away from people, point them away form houses, brush, leaves, and flammable substances. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks started an estimated 19,500 fires in 2018, including 1,900 structure fires, 500 vehicle fires, and 17,100 outside and other fires.

Tip #8: Do NOT do-it-yourself 

Making homemade fireworks is never a good idea and could result in serious damage to your home and/or an injury. Ensure you are purchasing your fireworks from a trustable, local source, and that they are legal. 

Tip #9: Don’t risk it

Stay away from a firework that has not gone off and never try to relight a firework that hasn’t gone off. Chances are you’re dealing with a dud, but it could potentially go off without you anticipating it. 

Tip #10: Know where to go

Whenever you’re dealing with activities that pose risks, always know where the nearest emergency room is to you. 

Lastly, and most importantly, everyone here at Hospitality Health ER wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, and safe, new year! 

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