4 Important Reasons to Change Your Fast Food Diet

fast food

Oil-drenched french fries, sugar-filled sodas, and fatty burger meat… by now, we probably all know that fast food is fattening and not quite good for us. But besides the risk of becoming overweight, there are so many other reasons to avoid fast food except as an occasional treat. Diseases like, type II diabetes, can typically be controlled with positive lifestyle choices. To start, here are seven other reasons to keep you away from takeout:

What’s Hidden in Your Fast Food?

  • #1 You May Be Starving Yourself: Did you know that eating fast food on a regular basis can lead to malnutrition? Most items on fast food menus are filled with “empty calories” that don’t provide the nutrition your body would otherwise get from the fruit, vegetables, and meats you purchase from the market. Fast food items are typically processed and preserved so much that the vitamins and minerals go missing.
  • #2 You May Be Setting Yourself Up for Cancer: Because some of the meat at fast food chains is heated above a certain temperature, you may be exposed to a chemical called PhIP. PHIP has been proven to increase the risk of certain cancers, including colon, prostate, and breast cancer. Preparing food at home allows you more, you control over cook time, temperature, and food quality.
  • #3 Your Noggin (Brain) Power May Decline: There’s evidence that consuming too many saturated fats can affect brain function. Greasy foods like french fries and bacon can actually lead to memory issues and slow down your cognitive abilities. Recent evidence also shows that people who regularly ate fast food had a fifty percent higher rate of depression. So before you hop on that drive through line, find the willpower to protect your brain power.
  • #4 You Can Be Poisoning Your Liver and Kidneys: Polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters are chemicals used in fast-food packaging to make the food resistant to grease and water. These chemicals can end up in your meal and make their way through your bloodstream. In addition, many fast foods are preserved with large amounts of salt which can lead to kidney stones and kidney disease.

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