Galveston Parks for Fun-Filled Exercise

galveston parks

Did you know that a child who exercises now is more likely to keep up the habit as an adult, and have a better quality of life as a result? You don’t have to pay for your child to play on a sports team to get them the exercise they need.  One of the great things about being a kid is that you can get exercise by just having everyday fun, like riding a bike, walking the neighborhood with friends, or playing on the playground. So parents, if you’re looking to explore some local places for your kids to enjoy while getting in their daily hour of heart-pumping activity, here are some Galveston parks you may want to try:

Wrights Cuney Recreation Center: This city park not only has a water park and a playground with small rock climbing walls, it offers free boxing, karate, and basketball sessions. With just an hour at this Galveston park, your kids will get their daily fill of the exercise they need for physical and psychological health.

Stewart Beach: Who doesn’t know about Stewart Beach? If you didn’t, this is your chance to visit one of the most popular Galveston parks for families. Get your cardio fix by taking a long walk on the beach, play some beach volleyball with your teenagers, or bring the little ones to the playground onsite. The park is easy to get to with plenty of parking.

Galveston Island State Park: When your older kids are too big for the playground or you just want to get away from the crowds, you can always take advantage of all that nature has to offer in order to get your bodies moving and your blood flowing. Take them for a mountain bike ride, go kayaking (if you have one), or set out on a nice, long hike at one of Galveston’s most beautiful nature parks. And if your little ones love scavenger hunts, they can stay active with some geocaching through the park.

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