Get Your School Involved in Every Kid Healthy™ Week

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It’s time to get ready for Every Kid Healthy Week! Because healthier kids learn better, this national health observance shines a light on improvements made in school health and wellness across our country. This includes everything from improved nutrition and physical activities, to enhancing learning and healthy social interaction at schools! Whether you’re a teacher, coach, parent, student, school administrator, or doctor, you can get involved and support health-promoting programs in schools. How? Here are some ways to encourage your schools to celebrate.

How to Host an Every Kid Healthy Event™ at Your School

Talk to your school’s administration about hosting a health-focused event during Every Kid Healthy Week or anytime in April. Some ideas include:

  • A fun run
  • A field day with various olympic-type events
  • A fitness fair with activity centers or booths that showcase healthy foods, exercises, meditation, stress management, and healthy lifestyle habits
  • A glow-in-the-dark family run at night with glow necklaces, glow sticks, etc.

Many schools that have hosted fun runs and field days have been successful at raising thousands of dollars for the school at the same time. And it’s pretty simple. Children ask community members to sponsor them in their run either online or with a check. Funds raised can be used to improve health and learning initiatives across your children’s schools.

Resources to Help Host a Health Event

Here are some resources to help you promote your event and get students and the whole community excited and involved.

The key to success is finding parents from your child’s school to champion  the event and help manage these school health events.

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