I’m Pregnant: How to Avoid Getting Bitten By Mosquitoes

Bitten By Mosquitoes

Summertime in the Gulf Coast brings warm, moist weather. These conditions make it ideal for mosquitoes to breed. That’s why you’ll see more mosquitoes around after rainfall and as temperatures rise. Because of the Zika Virus, the thought of getting bitten by mosquitoes is scary if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant. But there are some precautions you can take to minimize your risk of getting bitten.

Four Steps to Avoid Getting Bitten by Mosquitoes

#1. Be Mindful of When You Go Outdoors:

As much as you want to keep your baby safe, it’s impossible to stay indoors for a full nine months. If you go outdoors, choose the middle part of the day. Because of the possibility of dehydration, mosquitoes aren’t as active and less likely to bite when the sun and heat are at their peak. You also want to try to stay indoors between sunset and sunrise, when the common house mosquito is most active. If you’re traveling outside of the US, you should do some research about the most common types of mosquitoes in that particular region and when you should stay indoors.

#2. Apply Insect Repellent:

Many pregnant women are afraid to use mosquito repellents, because of possible exposure to harmful chemicals. However, the impact of the Zika virus on fetuses is far more severe than any exposure to insect repellant. There are a few EPA-approved insect repellents on the market that are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Make sure to apply repellent to all exposed skin.

#3. Cover Up as Much Skin as Possible:

Although it may be over 100°F outside, try to cover up as much as possible by wearing long sleeve shirts, pants, and socks. Common mosquito bite targets are the back of the neck and ankles, so be especially mindful of these areas. You can actually find clothing and boots treated with insect repellent permethrin, which has been deemed safe for pregnant women.

#4. Make Sure Your Home is Protected:

Because mosquitoes are attracted to warmth, keep your AC running whenever you’re home to keep them away. Once you start getting into the warmer seasons, make sure your windows are screened, or shut at all times. Mosquitoes start to appear when outdoor temperatures reach 50°F. Talk to your children and all family members about shutting doors immediately after entering or exiting.

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