Insane Migraine Pain: How to Avoid a Trip to a Galveston Urgent Care Clinic or ER

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You’re enjoying a day at the pier, and then out of the blue, tension starts to form at the top of your head. If you’ve had migraines before, you already know this is a symptom of one, and hopefully you’re prepared with pain meds. But if you’ve never had a migraine until now or don’t know how to treat one, would you know what to do to manage your pain and nausea? To keep you from wasting a day of your vacation at a Galveston urgent care clinic or ER, here are some tips to treat a migraine. But if you’re vomiting and can’t hold anything down, it’s best to seek medical attention to help treat your pain and nausea.

6 Tips to Saving Your Vacay: Keeping You Out of a Galveston Urgent Care Clinic for a Migraine

  1. Because noise and light can aggravate your pain and nausea, turn off all the lights and turn down any noise in your room. Cover your head with a towel or blanket if you need to drown out more light.
  2. Close your eyes and get as much sleep as possible to ease the pain. For the future, try to establish a regular sleep schedule because it has proven to improve headaches and migraines.
  3. Try drinking a caffeinated drink. Because migraines involve blood vessels expanding, drinking caffeine will help blood vessels contract, regulate blood flow, and ultimately relieve head pain for some people. But this doesn’t work for everyone. Too much caffeine can actually be the cause of headaches for some people.
  4. Try loosening muscles by massaging the head or applying a warm washcloth. A cold compress may also work for numbing the pain. Sometimes a warm shower or bath also helps alleviate tension in the head.
  5. Watch out for food that may be triggering your migraines. Some of the more common triggers include greasy foods, chocolates, aged cheese, and alcohol.
  6. Watch for other triggers like exhaust, eye strain from working long hours in front of a screen, and skipping meals.

If you’re unsure what’s causing your head pain, it’s always best to go to a Galveston urgent care or ER right away. The benefit of going to an emergency room is that they can run tests onsite and provide results immediately. Hospitality Health ER is located at 4222 Seawall Blvd in Galveston, Texas.