Is Postpartum Depression Curable?

postpartum depression curable

Is feeling a little blue after childbirth normal? Having a baby can throw everything off, including your body, diet, schedule, marriage, and life as a whole. So, it’s quite normal to feel a little down. But is postpartum depression curable? How? 

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is a severe psychiatric disorder that starts within a few weeks or months after childbirth. It can severely impair day-to-day functioning and your ability to take care of your baby. Signs and symptoms of the condition are more intense than the baby blues. Difficulty bonding with your baby, loss of appetite, and withdrawing from friends and family are common symptoms. This mental health condition can reappear after future births.

What Causes Postpartum Depression?

The causes of postpartum depression are not well understood. Hormonal changes and the body’s sudden adjustment after pregnancy likely play a role. Occasionally, postpartum depression can be part of a temporary inflammatory thyroid disease called thyroiditis

How is Postpartum Depression Treated?

Postpartum depression is curable but it rarely disappears on its own, but it is curable. The condition can last for many weeks or months without treatment.  Spending time with your baby, exercising, getting more sleep, and making dietary changes may help ease the depression. But if these things aren’t helping, you should seek mental health support. You can start by talking to your doctor about medication and psychotherapy.

Your doctor may recommend antidepressants if your postpartum depression is severe or when homeopathic strategies aren’t working. Let your doctor know if you are  breast-feeding, so he can take that into account when prescribing medications.

Psychotherapy, such as talk therapy and mental health counseling, gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and feelings. It can also teach mothers to respond to situations positively.

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