Is There a Good ER Near Me?

good ER near me

Most folks don’t know all of their options when they need to see a doctor right away. If you can’t get a last-minute appointment to see your primary care physician, it’s important to know what other choices you have. Many cities, like Tyler, have a selection of urgent care clinics and emergency rooms that patients can just walk into. But urgent care clinics lack some of the advantages that ERs offer, like late hours and on-site diagnostic services. With these different options, you might ask yourself “Where is the best ER near me?” 

Which ER Should I Go To in Tyler?

You can always walk into a hospital ER, but you run the risk of long wait times. This is especially true for peak times, like weekends and Mondays, when emergency rooms tend to be busiest. Standalone or freestanding ERs, like Hospitality Health ER in Tyler, TX, have little or no wait times. Hospitality Health ER’s waiting room and services are designed to provide patients with an improved emergency room experience. Our goal is to provide you with more personalized attention in a comfortable setting.

What Services Does HHER Offer?

Hospitality Health ER in Tyler offers most of the same services that hospital ERs offer including laboratory testing, radiology services, surgery coordination, and around-the-clock emergency physicians. Hospitality Health ER can stabilize patients who are unconscious or dealing with shock, severe shortness of breath, deep wounds, burns, head injuries, chest pain, vomiting, and broken bones from accidents. Although we do not perform major surgeries on site, we stabilize patients and transport them to a surgical center when needed.

So if you’re running a search for “the best ER near me,” know that you can walk right into a top-rated ER in Tyler and be seen immediately.

Fever, ear infection, unexplained vomiting, unbearable pain? Walk into Hospitality Health ER in Tyler located at 3943 Old Jacksonville Hwy, Tyler, TX 75701. If you think you may be having symptoms of COVID-19, please call first at 903-593-1212.