Is Wine Safe to Drink During Pregnancy?

wine safe to drink during pregnancy

Parents of today, do you remember wine being part of your parents’ everyday lives? Most of us will probably say “no.” But times have changed and wine has become a staple at get-togethers, lunches, dinner time, and even at work functions. And being that it has a lower alcohol content than liquor not to mention some health benefits  women are asking their doctors, “Is a little wine safe to drink during pregnancy?

Doc, Is Wine Safe to Drink During Pregnancy?

Yes, the more alcohol you drink, the higher the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. But just because you stick to just a small sip of wine here and there doesn’t mean there won’t be any impact on your baby. There hasn’t been a specific amount of alcohol determined to cause fetal alcohol syndrome, so doctors cannot tell you how much wine is okay to drink. The safest thing to do is stay away from alcohol all together during pregnancy.

Whatever you consume food or drink passes through the placenta and into the baby’s bloodstream. Alcohol can cause a wide range of physical abnormalities, including facial and joint deformities, heart defects, small head size, and problems with hearing and vision. Alcohol can also cause nervous system problems, such as poor judgement skills, coordination, memory, and attention span.

The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome will likely continue to impact your child later in life. This includes social and behavioral skills like getting along with others, time management, planning, and impulse control.

Gone are the days when one glass of wine a day was considered okay. Actually, there have been studies that show how even low-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy can impact your baby’s height and weight during infancy. Your safest bet? With all risks considered, wait it out. You and your baby will be happy you did.

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