Little Things at Hospitality Health ER

Little Baby

Its the Little Things – The New Standard in Tyler & Longview Pediatric Emergency Care

It’s the little things in life that matter and at Hospitality Health ER we take care of the little things. Our pediatric suite is ready 24/7 with the expertise and technology to provide excellent treatment and compassion that brings a level of excellence to emergency care. At Hospitality Health ER we focus on the little things that make all the difference. Hospitality Health ER, now open in Tyler and Longview.

→ If you are looking for an emergency care center in zip codes 75605 or 75701, HHER provides emergency care services without the long waits of a hospital ER. Visit our blog to read more health topics like how to choose the right sunscreen and how to determine if you need stitches.

Hospitality Health is your hometown 24-hour ER. We’re locally owned and operated by doctors and nurses whose mission is to provide comfort and care you won’t find in any other emergency room.