Local Longview Discounts: Save Money With These 3 Family-Friendly Categories

Longview, Texas

The cost of family outings can easily rack up, which is why we’ve compiled a list of local hot spots that cater to kids and are cost-friendly 

Keeping your kiddos entertained during the normal hustle and bustle that each week brings can become challenging. On top of that, there is the added cost of entertainment. A movie and dinner with your family can quickly turn into a $100+ dollar evening. A trip to your local theme park can easily add up to $200+. 

Longview is a great place for families to both live and visit. There are always new exciting things to do, new restaurants to try, and new shops to explore. And as you will see, there is plenty of fun to be had without breaking the bank.

We’ve covered 3 categories that will surely keep you and your children occupied during the duration of quarantine. The selections are either 1) outside or 2) following safety precautions that will ensure you and your family continue to remain safe during the pandemic. Just remember to wear a mask, sanitize regularly, and socially distance yourself. 

Looking for places to eat?Kid discounts in Longview

Longview is full of delicious food and does not lack variety. Going out to eat can become expensive at times, so here’s your go-to list for family meals that won’t hurt your wallet. 

Jucy’s Hamburgers has Jr. Burgers for as little as $3.59.

The Butcher Shop has kids’ burgers and hot dogs for $4.25.

Texas Roadhouse has kids’ meals for as little as $4.99, which includes an entree, side, and a drink.

Papacita’s has kids’ meals for as little as $6.30, which includes an entree, side, and a drink.

Pizza King has kids’ pizza bread for $4.29 and kids mac and cheese for $3.75. 

Seeking entertainment?

With virtual school or hybrid school as the new norm, it can be challenging to keep your kids engaged and entertained. Taking them out to the movies, museums, or to a local hotspot are good ways to keep this challenging time fun. trampoline park in Longview

Longview World of Wonders offers FREE admission for kids 2 and under and $8 for everyone else. The WoW allows kids of all ages the opportunity to use their imagination in fun, hands-on exhibits.  

Air U offers weekly specials: on Ten Buck Tuesday & Thursdays, kids can jump for 2 hours for just $10 when they are wearing an Air U T-Shirt. On Friday, they have Toddler Time from 10 am–2 pm, giving your toddler a safe environment to jump freely (with mom or dad, of course). 

Oil Bowl offers Monday Madness starting at 7 pm until close. Each game and shoe rental is only $2. 

Wanting to play outside?

When your kiddos have an adventurous spirit, it can be challenging to keep up with their energy. Outdoor Mini golf in Longviewactivities like nature walks or wildlife viewing are ways you can balance their energy while getting some much needed R&R that you deserve. Here are some other great options:

Putt-Putt Golf and Games has $8 admission fees per person for each game of Putt-Putt. Kids don’t like golf? They also have a gameroom, batting cages, and small nature walks.

KidsView Playground in Lear Park is FREE and always fun for kids. It includes a playground with swings, a splash pad, a picnic area, and lots of open space for fun outdoor games.  

For more activities, visit 4 Fun, Free, Fitness-Oriented Activities in Longview, TX. 

We hope these local spots help bring you and your kiddos joy, while also helping you save money. If you come across any additional spots that aren’t mentioned, feel free to comment them below so other families can save too! 

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