Oh, Honey, Have Some Honey! 4 Health Benefits of Honey

health benefits of honey

Today, we are learning more and more about the other health benefits of honey. And it’s no wonder why Winnie the Pooh loves honey so much! Aside from it being a tasty touch to tea and yogurt, honey provides so many health benefits. Since 7000 B.C., it has been used by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese to treat wounds, fevers, and stomach issues. But before we go into honey’s many perks, it’s important to note that honey shouldn’t be given to babies under one due to the risk of botulism.

Health Benefits of Honey

#1: Antibacterial Properties:

Why did our ancient ancestors put honey on wounds? It’s because honey is effective at killing bacteria, including powerful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. What about honey makes it a potent bacteria fighter? You’ll never believe it, but bees leave hydrogen peroxide in the honey during the synthesis of pollen. You also probably didn’t know that honey is acidic, which can also help with fighting off bacteria.

#2: Soothing Throats:

Ever wonder why your mom puts honey in your tea when you’re sick? Well, she probably already knew one of the longest-known health benefits of honey – that the gooeyness which helps ease sore throats. In fact, one study showed honey outperformed cough suppressants and antihistamines in soothing nighttime coughs.

#3: Anti-Cancer:

Research has shown the impact of honey on certain cancer cells. Although this research is preliminary, scientists are hopeful. Tualang honey, a Malaysian multifloral jungle honey, has been shown to disrupt cervical, breast, and skin cancer cells.

#4: Heart Disease Prevention:

Because honey is rich in antioxidants, it has the potential to fight the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease: oxidative stress and inflammation.

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