Patient Safety is Our Priority at Hospitality Health ER Galveston

patient safety week

Patient safety is always front and center at Hospitality Health ER. For Patient Safety Awareness Week in March, we like to shine an even bigger light on what patient safety really means to our community. Our nation’s medical facilities are always striving for quality care. We’ve seen reported improvements in 17 out of 33 patient safety categories across the nation over recent years. But there is still a lot of work to be done. Here’s how Hospitality Health ER Galveston is reducing the risk of errors, injuries, accidents, and infections in our emergency rooms.

Preventing Injuries, Accidents, and Infections 

As a top emergency room in Galveston, Hospitality Health ER is committed to continuously improving the quality of care at our facility.  With close to 2 million patients infected at hospitals and medical facilities every year, Hospitality Health ER ensures all of our staff members receive recurring training. This includes training on infection control, safe handling of bloodborne pathogens, patient safety in our facilities, and the use of proper protective equipment (PPE). These trainings are performed in accordance with healthcare regulations.

Preventing Errors 

Did you know that incompatible drug interactions cause 250 ER visits a year? Drug interactions can cause serious harm to a person’s health. In honor of Patient Safety Week, Hospitality Health ER Galveston wants you to know that we are committed to always practicing clear, thorough communication with patients. We perform continual drug interaction trainings with our staff throughout the year. We stress the importance of educating patients regarding their diagnosis, prescriptions, and what steps to take going forward. Our emergency rooms also check on patients after their visit to ensure prescribed medications aren’t causing problems. After visits, we call patients to reiterate any important information regarding their diagnosis.

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