Pink Pride: Breast Cancer Awareness at Hospitality Health ER in Longview

Hospitality Health ER Staff Team

October was a big deal at Hospitality Health ER in Longview. Yes, we enjoy decking our facility in all things pink. More importantly, we do this to show our support for the millions of women who have fought the brave battle against breast cancer. Every year, there are about 300,000 new cases of breast cancer in the United States.

Jill Shipp, one of Hospitality Health ER’s founding members, said, “We’ve been honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October since we’ve opened. We’ll continue to do so because we know that awareness and education saves lives.”

How Does Hospitality Health ER in Longview Support Breast Cancer Awareness?

#1. Throughout the month of October, Hospitality Health ER in Longview gives each of our patients a pink ribbon to write down the name of someone impacted by breast cancer. We donate $5.00 for each ribbon and place it on our wall of honor. This year, the money was donated to Pink Heals.

#2. The Longview community cannot miss Pink Heals’ pink firetruck parked in front of our facility. Inside our facility, you’ll find our staff in full  effect with pink scrubs, pink gloves, and so on. We do this to bring awareness to breast cancer and encourage women to get tested early. The breast cancer survival rate is 100% for cases that are detected early. This number says it all. We believe the more we create noise around breast cancer, the more women stay alert. Hopefully, they’ll feel more motivated to perform breast self-examinations and get their mammograms done. Breast cancer death rates have dropped 39% from 1989 to 2015, which is largely due to early detection.

Not sure when to get tested? Read our blog on breast exams and see what Dr. Pam Hall has to say about how often you should be screened.