Pre-Travel Vaccinations and Medical Consultation

Pre-Travel Vaccinations

Global travel is on the rise, with about 1.1 billion people crossing an international border every year. This includes travel to the world’s most developed and least developed countries. No matter where you’re headed, it isn’t a bad idea to see a doctor before your trip. A doctor can help with everything from tips to managing asthma while you’re away, to getting any vaccines you may need. Here are some pre-travel vaccinations and medical consultation information that may help you.

Pre-Travel Vaccinations and Doctor Visit

#1 A review of your medical history and any current medical conditions to ensure you stay healthy during your trip.

Are your immunizations up to date? Do you have enough medications to take with you? Where can you go for local medical help if your asthma flares up? If you are going on a cruise and are susceptible to motion sickness, your doctor can advise you on the best course of action and things to avoid. Not only do you want to stay safe and healthy during your trip, you want to enjoy it. A doctor should be able to help.

#2 A review of the region you will visit and precautions you’ll need to take.

What kind of diseases will you be at risk for? Are there wild animals and insects you need to watch for? What is the water quality there? The most recommended pre-travel vaccinations for travelers are the influenza and Hepatitis B vaccine. If you’re traveling to a region with widespread disease, your doctor should recommend certain vaccinations and other preventative measures. For regions affected by diseases like Lyme, malaria, or Zika, a doctor can advise on appropriate insect prophylaxis to reduce your chances of getting stung or bit. Your doctor can also give you an antibiotic in case you catch a case of traveler’s diarrhea.

#3 A look at personal protection measures you need to take.

Your doctor may also be able to help you with other precautions you may have missed. For instance, how can you prepare for altitude or sickness? Will you need emergency medical evacuation insurance? How can you ensure your kids stay safe? Come prepared with a list questions for your doctor, and you’ll leave prepared to take on the world. Have fun, stay safe, and bon voyage!

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