Relieve Sinus Pressure Naturally With These 6 Tips

relieve sinus pressure

Sinus pressure can make for a miserable day. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like jumping straight to medications, there are many different things you can try to relieve sinus pressure naturally. Even if you decide to take an over-the-counter decongestant, you might have even better results with some of these tried-and-true methods.

How Can You Relieve Sinus Pressure Without Medication?

1: Use the Power of Steam

Sinus pressure can happen when the air is dry. Because steam adds moisture to the air, it can help moisten your sinus passages and dilute your mucus. You can do this by taking a hot shower or using a humidifier. If you have a child with congestion, you can run a hot shower and sit in the steamy bathroom with them for about fifteen minutes. You can add eucalyptus oil to your bath or humidifier to speed up your recovery. Eucalyptus contains cineole, which has been proven to relieve acute sinusitis.

2: Try a Saline Wash

For just a couple of bucks, you can purchase saline spray from a pharmacy or grocery store. The salt in the solution will increase moisture in your nose and help relieve sinus pressure.

3: Get A Lot of Rest & Relaxation

Sleep promotes healing. While you’re asleep, your brain releases hormones that stimulate tissue growth and your body produces more white blood cells that combat viruses and other bacteria. You can optimize the amount of sleep you get by going to bed earlier, avoiding sugar, caffeine, and spicy foods before sleep, and eliminating any sources of light, including electronics screens, at least a half hour before you go to bed. You can also try some relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga, which may also relieve some of the sinus pain and pressure.

Facial, neck, and head massages may also help to loosen up the tissues surrounding the sinuses and help drain mucus-filled sinuses.

4: Elevate Your Head When Sleeping

Ever notice that your nose is more stuffy when you’re lying down? That’s because lying flat increases the mucus buildup in your nasal passages and the pressure on your sinuses. By elevating your head with a pillow, you’ll be able to breathe better and prevent sinus buildup.

5: Drink Plenty of Fluids

A dehydrated body can lead to dehydrated sinus passages. By drinking more fluids, you will reduce blockages in your sinuses. Water is the best fluid to drink but tea, broth, and ice cubes may also work.

6: Get Active

Similar to yoga, exercise can reduce sinus pressure. Physical activity can increase blood circulation and temporarily relieve congestion to ease breathing. Although uncomfortable to perform while being sick, physical activity can help to improve your recovery time and speed healing.

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