The Magic of Music on Child Development: Music Lessons in Tyler

music lessons in Tyler

Although your kids will gain amazing benefits from extracurricular activities like art, sports, and chess club, there is something quite magical about playing music. A study by USC neuroscientists found that making music particularly accelerated brain development in young children. So, if you were thinking about signing up your little Mozart for music lessons in Tyler, here are some reasons why you absolutely should.

It’s been proven that musical instruction speeds up certain sections of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception, and reading skills. Here are just a couple of the benefits that studies are finding:

Academic Benefits: Learning to play music fine-tunes the auditory pathway, which helps accelerate the development of language and reading in young children. Also, by learning to understand beats, rhythm, and scale, your child will be able to pick up on division, fractions, and patterns. As for physics, stringed instruments cover concepts of vibration. Research has shown time and time again that students who learned to play a musical instrument improved neural processing, memory, and learning ability. 

Self Esteem: Mastering anything can do wonders for a child’s self esteem. But beyond that, playing music teaches a child how to handle constructive feedback at a young age. And because not everyone can play a musical instrument, your child will have something that will help them stand out. According to one study, adult musicians claimed that the social benefits and structures surrounding musical learning have had the biggest impact on their lives.

Music Lessons in Tyler for Children

As part of the Tyler community, Hospitality Health ER is committed to helping you find the best local resources for families. Here are just a couple of the top-rated, child-friendly music classes in Tyler we’ve found for you.

Charlotte Floyd Music Studios: The Charlotte Floyd Music Studio is known as the heart of Tyler Music. They have music lessons for young children, including piano and violin starting at 5 years old and guitar at 7 years old.

Tyler Music Academy: Your child is an individual, and Tyler Music Academy is focused on customizing their lessons and style to your child’s needs. They offer a full range of music lessons including guitar, voice/singing, piano, violin, drums, drum line, ukulele, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, and bass.

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