The Non-Sweet Escape: 5 Halloween Candy Alternatives

halloween candy

Birthday parties, school celebrations, and end-of-the-week dessert splurges… sweets and candies seem to haunt us wherever we go. It’s no wonder why parents wince at the thought of a bag load of sweet treats come Halloween. After all, we are all more aware of childhood obesity, diabetes, and cavities, right? So for all the households looking for healthier Halloween candy alternatives, here are some practical ideas:

Ditch Halloween Candy for Other Treats 

“Healthier” Snacks: From grocery stores and pharmacies to online shopping and dollar stores, we have access to so many different Halloween candy alternatives. If you want to stick to edible options, how about Halloween-themed pretzel packets, honey sticks, raisins, or organic fruit juice boxes?

Stickers and Body Art: We all know that little kids love stickers. Keep it interesting by selecting unique ones; perhaps some that are glittery, smelly, or have texture to them. For older kids, sparkly body art and temporary tattoos are all the rage.

Small School Supplies: A kid can never have too many erasers, pencils, pens or pencil sharpeners and there are so many different designs to choose from these days. You can even find Post-It Note Pads in different shapes: apples, flowers, and even cars.

The Ooey and The Gooey: To keep the Halloween fun going, make some slime at home and place them in Halloween-themed cellophane bags. Throw in a decorative eye ball while you’re at it. You may want to stick a “Slime! Do Not Eat!” label to the bag, so parents and kids are well aware of what they’re getting. If you don’t want to deal with the mess of making slime, you can always give out small containers of playdough instead.

Dental Products: Yawn! Although it sounds boring, handing out dental products sends a positive message to the kids. While everyone else is giving out candy, you can be the “house of reason” reminding kids to take care of their teeth after they indulge in mounds of sugar-filled, cavity-causing madness. Floss, toothbrushes, and mini-toothpastes have already made their way to Halloween totes over the years, so don’t worry, you won’t be the first nor the last.

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