A Walk and Talk With Doctor Beers of Hospitality Health ER Tyler: Emergency Preparedness

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Hospitality Health ER Tyler is excited to present Walk With a Doc, sponsored by TMA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to connecting the charitable concerns of physicians with the people of Texas. With this free health education program, East Texas residents can hear firsthand about different health topics and emergency room experiences from real ER doctors. The walks take place on Saturdays during April, May, and June of 2018, and will cover topics ranging from diabetes and shoulder replacements to allergies and CBD oil.

Dr. Beers of Hospitality Health ER Tyler to Discuss How You Can Potentially Save Your Own Life with Your Cell Phone

Let’s say you had an epileptic seizure, had a sudden fainting spell, or perhaps were knocked unconscious in a car accident. How would doctors know who to call or what medicines to give you — or not to give you? Who could tell the ER whether or not you’re allergic to penicillin or other medications? The truth is most of us don’t have a plan in place in the event an emergency situation occurs. But there is something you can do with your cell phone that could potentially save your life. How?

Walk with our very own Dr. Jeffrey Beers of Hospitality Health ER Tyler at 9am on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the Copeland Road trailhead in Rose Rudman Park as he talks about the importance of setting up ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts for you and all of your family members. Kids and other family members — including your dogs — are welcome to join us by foot, stroller, or bike. In the event that it rains, the discussion will be rescheduled for another day.

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