3 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts With Items You Already Have

Thanksgiving crafts are easy, at-home activities and fun for the whole family,

With Thanksgiving around the corner and COVID-19 cases still high, annual holiday gatherings might look a bit different than usual. This leaves more room for new family traditions that don’t require you to leave your home. Arts and crafts are a fun way to keep your kids busy during the holidays and encourages them to tap into their inner artist. 

3 Easy and Affordable Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Crafts 

These crafts are all made with items you (or your neighbor) will likely already have in your home. It’s good to keep your kids’ imaginations afloat so let’s get crafting! 

Coffee Filter Turkey

Supplies Needed: Coffee filter, paint/crayons/markers, construction paper, glue, scissors


                1. Decorate the coffee filter any way you like. This will be the turkey’s feathers.
                2. Use this template to trace the turkey’s head and body onto the construction paper. 
                3. Glue the turkey head and body cut-outs onto the coffee filter.
                4. Cut out two 5”x1” strips of construction paper for the turkey’s legs.
                5. Accordion fold the legs and glue them to the bottom of the turkey’s body.
                6. Add whatever details you want: eyes, feet, beak, more color, glitter, etc. 
                7. Voila! You have a turkey. 

Paper Plate Wreath

Supplies needed: Paper plates (any size), real or fake fall leaves, glue, scissors, ribbon or string for hanging


  1. Cut out the inner part of the paper plate, leaving a ring. This will be your blank canvas for decorating.
  2. Decorate the paper ring with leaves from the yard or order fake leaves online. 
  3. Use glue to attach the leaves onto the plate. Glue sticks, a hot glue gun, or sticky dots will work for this. 
  4. Once dry, use ribbon, string, or twine to hang up your homemade wreath. 

Thankful Twig Tree

Supplies needed: Twigs or small branches, hole punch, construction paper or fake leaves, twine


                      1. Collect some twigs—the more little branches the better. Cut out leaves from construction paper or use fake leaves.
                      2. Using the hole punch, make a hole at the bottom of each leaf. 
                      3. Have your kids (parents can join in on the fun too!) write what they’re thankful for on each leaf.
                      4. Tie a small loop of twine through the holes in the leaves and then hang them on the branches. 
                      5. Fill a glass vase or bowl with rocks and/or acorns to hold the Thankful Tree in place. 
                      6. Use your Thankful Tree throughout November as a centerpiece to serve as a reminder of what you and your family are thankful for this year. Keep the tree growing! 

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