5 Small Changes With Big Health Benefits For New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Keep 

With the new year in striking distance, it’s time to take stock of the past year and think ahead to our New Year’s resolutions for a happier, healthier, more joyous 2023. Of course, thinking of a good New Year’s resolution is often much easier than the execution. Every year we resolve to be our best selves, and every year most of us quit by February. With the right goals, however, 2023 can be the year we keep our resolutions, and enjoy it too.

Often, failing to keep New Year’s resolutions is not so much a matter of willpower or determination as it is a question of flawed goal-setting. Many of us confuse the result we want, like being healthier, with the resolution, like meal-prepping on Sundays. 

Give yourself a goal that can be measured, checked off a weekly list, and achieved, and through a series of small wins you will reap the benefits of boosted motivation and higher odds of success, while building a habit that takes less and less effort each time. Research has also shown that approach-oriented goals work better than resolutions that involve avoiding something you want but know is bad for you like fast food, so set yourself up for added success by making New Year’s resolutions about what you’ll add to your life, rather than what you will forbid yourself.

We’ll even get you started! Here’s our list of our top five achievable New Year’s resolutions, with best wishes from HHER to you for the New Year!

#1: Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is good for your health generally, and also makes it easier to keep any other resolution that may be on your list. Not getting enough sleep decreases leptin, the hormone that helps you feel full, and increases ghrelin, which stimulates appetite and fat storage. Sleep has a clear impact on your alertness, productivity, and mood – all of which can make or break your ability to stick with your resolutions until they become ingrained habits. 

Prioritizing sleep is also a great New Year’s resolution for the kids: according to one study, just 25 more minutes of sleep on average separates students who get As and Bs from those who, with less sleep, earn Cs, Ds, or failing grades.

Here are 3 tips for good rest to get you started sleeping your way to a healthier you!

#2: Drink More Tea

Sip your way to better health by adding a cup of tea to your day! Drinking tea is surprisingly good for your health, and with so many varieties to choose from you’ll start thinking of this New Year’s resolution as a daily treat instead! To get the most antioxidant-packed goodness out of every cup, find a green tea variety for an afternoon pick me up you’ll look forward to! Use Stevia instead of sugar to keep your blood sugar in control!

#3: Spice Up Your Life With Turmeric

Add some spice to your life and reap the health benefits all year long with more turmeric in your diet! Due to the incredible health benefits of turmeric, the golden spice from India has been used for medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years, as well as in the kitchen as a delightful mild spice. Make it a regular in your kitchen (ideally, with black pepper) and reap the health benefits all year long.

#4: Improve Your Nutrition Knowledge

Learning a skill or field of knowledge is an underrated source of New Year’s Resolution, especially since learning about something useful can improve multiple areas of your life as a result. Nutrition knowledge is one of those topics that will naturally lead you to more nutritious choices simply because you’ll know how to make the best choices.

This one can be further tailored to be most relevant to your family’s needs. You could learn about specific nutrients many people are deficient in like magnesium, or target a topic like baby nutrition specifically, or work through broader topics in nutrition like brain foods that all infants and young children need.

#5: Cook One Extra Meal At Home Per Week 

Building better habits in the kitchen pays dividends in every other area of your life, so get cooking this new year! Learn how cooking at home and planning your meals in advance can improve your health and your bank account. We’ll get you started with some favorite and healthy recipes for soup season!


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