A Look Back at 2020: A Challenging Yet Memorable Year

2020 has limited children's social interaction

Experiencing a worldwide global pandemic was certainly not at the top of our new year’s resolutions list. 2020 will not be winning any awards for favorite year, but it will definitely be one of the most memorable years to date. So, how do we reflect on this time in a positive way? 

You conquered many obstacles

You’ve shown incredible resiliency and flexibility this year. Maybe you had to jump into a teacher role while your kids attended online school. Or you are an essential worker and had to continue to go to work while adapting to many new safety protocols. Or maybe you began working from home and had to get used to your new coworkers—your partner and children. None of that is an easy adjustment. 

Think of how amazing it is that no matter the stressors and day-to-day challenges the pandemic brought your way, you were able to adapt, all while continuing to be a parent, a spouse, an employee, a friend, and a neighbor. 

You took on new hobbies

Spending days, weeks, and months inside is something you aren’t usually used to. So, how did you kill the time? Many took to puzzles, crafts, at-home workouts, jewelry-making, knitting, candle-making, baking bread, and the list goes on and on and on. How cool is it that you now have skills under your belt that you never knew you’d have? 

Neighbors had eachother's backs during 2020 - sign making and inspirational quotes appeared in many people's yards

Sign-making and uplifting quotes appeared in many people’s yards or windows in 2020. 

You kept bonds no matter the distance

One of the many challenges faced during the pandemic was the distance from your loved ones. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and many more all got a lot of use during 2020. Whether it was for virtual dinner parties, trivia, or never-ending Drawful games, chances are you video chatted with a loved one in one way or another. 

The pandemic proved that no matter the distance between you and your loved ones, you can still form bonds and make memories. Your support group is not measured by distance, and 2020 definitely made that apparent. 

Now, reflect on the challenges, the memories, and the mundane moments in between. Know that 2020 will not be repeated and that a new year is underway. 

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