Why Is My Child’s Temperament Different from Their Siblings? 

Child throwing tantrum

Why does it seem like your child’s temperament is different than that of your other children? All children are born with a unique way that they see or approach the world around them. This is called their temperament. Some children are laid back and quiet, while others are feisty and active. Temperament varies from child to child. Even siblings can have opposite temperaments. One may be highly sensitive to change while the other is mellow.

Is a Child’s Temper the Same Thing as Temperament?

Temperament is different from temper. There are five characteristics of temperament which include:

  • Ways people react to change
  • How people deal with frustration
  • How people react to being around new people
  • The level of activity
  • The intensity of emotions

Why Is it Important to Understand Your Child’s Temperament?

By getting to know your child’s temperament, you can begin to parent the best way possible.  A child’s temperament will not change, so it’s up to the parent to adjust their parenting style to accommodate the child. Positive discipline techniques are helpful in dealing with different temperaments.

Understanding a child’s temperament and behavior patterns allows the parent to make adjustments that can help them with transitions.  For example, if a child has a hard time with new people, pushing the child to engage with new people may make them frustrated and upset. Instead, allow the child to engage on their own time. This can help prevent tantrums caused by social anxiety. A parent can demonstrate trust in a particular person by their actions and what they say about a person.

The way a child behaves can be a direct result of their temperament, so it’s important for parents to understand that.  The parent’s job is to accept their child as they are, even if their temperament is somewhat challenging.  Patience and understanding is very important. Most of all, give your child enough freedom to experience life in a way that is most comfortable for them, within reason.

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