Stranger Danger: Teaching Your Child The Right Way

Teaching your child how to interact with people they don’t know can be a tricky thing. Parents want nothing more than to keep our kids safe, but we also want our kids to be engaging and polite in certain social situations. So how can we ensure we’re not sending them mixed messages? Well, teaching them [...]

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Car Seats and Seat Belt Laws in Texas

Do you remember the time when kids would just hop into a car without even the thought of seat belts or car seats? Yes, things might have been less complicated back in the 70s, but they were also a lot riskier. To put it simply, seat belts save lives. Reports show that for every five [...]

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Why Vacations Need No Explanations: Benefits of Time Off From Work

Just because Hospitality Health ER is open 24-7 doesn’t mean we don’t believe in taking time off from work. In fact, we encourage taking as many vacations as your work allows. Why? Plain and simple: vacations are good for your health. Workaholic standards in the US are one reason that stress and depression are at [...]

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What is a CBC? Blood Test Basics

The doctor looks down at his clipboard and says, “We’ll have a CBC done and go from there.” You know it has something to do with your blood being tested…but for what exactly? Blood tests can help detect an underlying disease or medical condition that may be causing your symptoms. Some can even tell how [...]

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Practicing Fire Safety at Home: 3 Life-Saving Tips

With well over a million fires reported across the US every year, fire safety shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many residential fires result from cooking, heating, electrical malfunctions, and easily-preventable causes like lit cigarettes that aren’t disposed of properly. Are you and your loved ones prepared should a fire happen in your home? If businesses and [...]

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Is My Child Too Busy? 4 Signs Your Child May Be Overcommitted

You’re probably hip to one of the most famous golden rules of parenting: “Keep ‘em busy.” Between sports, music lessons, social gatherings, and schoolwork, there’s definitely enough stuff out there to keep your kids occupied. But is my child too busy? We all want the best for our kids, but here are some warning signs that [...]

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Relieve Sinus Pressure Naturally With These 6 Tips

Sinus pressure can make for a miserable day. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like jumping straight to medications, there are many different things you can try to relieve sinus pressure naturally. Even if you decide to take an over-the-counter decongestant, you might have even better results with some of these tried-and-true [...]

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Can Cavities Spread?

Can cavities spread? No, we aren’t dentists, but we do know that oral healthcare is an important part of a person’s general well-being. In fact, healthypeople.gov states that good oral hygiene and oral health is tied to a person’s overall health. Taking care of your mouth, teeth, and gums can reduce the risk of serious [...]

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The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever: Protecting Your Heart from Heart Disease

While you search for the best Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, why not start with a gift for your own heart? February is American Heart Health Month. There's no better time to start working towards a healthy heart than right now. Heart disease can happen at any age, so it’s important to practice positive lifestyle [...]

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The Valentine’s Day Hug Challenge: The Benefits of Affection

Ever worry that you’re smothering your little ones with too many hugs and kisses? Well, studies show that too much affection is better than not enough affection. A lack of affection has been linked to a higher propensity for anxiety and stress later in life. On the other hand, growing up in a home filled [...]

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