5 12, 2023

9 Winter Health Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

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As winter blankets our surroundings, it's essential to safeguard our health against the seasonal challenges that come our way.  The holiday season is often filled with many wonders that make us feel warm and cozy: putting up lights, having more get-togethers with families, and taking time off from work. But during the winter season, many [...]

14 11, 2023

Hand Hygiene 101: Teaching Kids Proper Hand Washing for Better Health

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As our children continue their journey into a new school year, we want to ensure that they not only thrive academically but also remain in good health.  Children are still learning about cleanliness and may forget to wash their hands before eating or touching their faces after they touch various surfaces. So, it’s our responsibility [...]

9 11, 2023

Understanding Hives: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Around 20 percent of Americans know what it feels like to get hives. You’re going about your day, and all of a sudden, you’re overcome with itchiness. Then, when you look in the mirror, you notice red bumps have randomly appeared on your body. Hives can be an uncomfortable and sometimes distressing skin condition, but [...]

7 11, 2023

Managing Fall Asthma: 6 Tips for Parents

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As the vibrant colors of summer foliage transition into the earthy tones of autumn, we welcome the cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and the joys of seasonal activities.  But for kids with asthma, fall can also bring along a set of unique challenges; the change in weather combined with the rise of fall allergies can [...]

2 11, 2023

Understanding ADHD in Children: Signs, Diagnosis, and Supportive Strategies

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If your child has difficulty focusing, feels hyperactive, or acts impulsively, they may have an undiagnosed medical condition. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common condition that affects both children and adults and can have a significant impact on their everyday lives if left undiagnosed or untreated.  With the right resources and a supportive environment, children [...]

24 10, 2023

Lyme Disease Awareness: Recognizing the Symptoms and Seeking Timely Care

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In recent years, Lyme disease has become a growing concern across the United States, including cities in Texas such as Longview, Tyler, and Galveston. As summer approaches and people begin to hike, camp, and spend more time in nature, it's essential to raise awareness about this tick-borne illness.  Hospitality Health ER, a local emergency room [...]

19 10, 2023

Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Curious Young Minds

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Curiosity is a powerful force that fuels the minds of young explorers. Science experiments provide an exciting, hands-on way for kids to satisfy their curiosity while learning about the world around them.  These experiments are not only entertaining but also encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and a love for science.  Note for parents and guardians: All [...]

17 10, 2023

A Parent’s Guide to Torn ACL Injuries 

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As parents, we understand the health benefits of physical activities for children, but at the same time, we want our kids to stay safe at all times—a guarantee that does not exist in competitive sports. If your child plays a sport, some of the most common sports-related injuries to watch out for are rotator cuff [...]

12 10, 2023

Rotator Cuff Injuries: Tips for Prevention and Recovery

By |2023-09-29T17:47:35-05:00October 12th, 2023|Wellness & Nutrition, Emergency Medicine, Local Galveston, Local Longview, Local Tyler|0 Comments

Protecting your shoulder health is a must, whether you're an athlete or you are regularly engaged in physically demanding work. The shoulder's ball-and-socket joint is consistently at risk when we lift, throw, or perform repetitive overhead motions—leaving us susceptible to rotator cuff injuries. Want a worry-free season, game, workout, or on-the-job experience? Let’s explore how [...]

10 10, 2023

Less Screen Time, More Play Time

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It’s hard to know how much screen time is too much, especially when technology is all around us.  Are you unsure of what parameters you should set around screen time with your children? Are you concerned there’s a correlation between screen time and behavioral issues? And, of course, are you frustrated because your children won’t [...]