Straight from a 10-Year Old’s Mouth: “Life Lessons I Learned from Mom”

From the hundreds of loads of laundry to the thousands of meals prepared a year, we all know how much work moms put in. And that’s just the chores. Now more than ever, women are feeling  pressure to be more involved with their children, according to Pew Research Center. Mothers are constantly helping kids with [...]

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3 Tips for Seeking Mental Health Help

With one out of ten Americans suffering from some form of mental health issue, chances are that you know someone with  a condition. Fortunately, we know more today about bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, and other conditions. But many people fail to seek help because of the negative stigma associated with mental [...]

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Why Yelling at Kids Can Be Harmful

We are all guilty of yelling at our kids at some point in time. It’s a visceral reaction to wanting to be heard, especially after you’ve repeated yourself a thousand times. Didn’t I tell you three times yesterday to pack your lunch? Why don’t you ever listen to what I ask you to do? You’re [...]

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4 Facts on How Insurance Works at Emergency Rooms:

Having a medical emergency is scary. Then there are all the insurance questions that run through your head. Will this emergency room be covered by my insurance? What portion will I be responsible for paying? How many bills will I receive? This is the last thing you want to think about when you’re dealing with [...]

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What is Patient Steering? Protecting Your Life and Your Pockets

In one of our recent blogs, Hospitality Health ER brought light to the Prudent Layperson Standard. This concept is becoming ever so important as more and more patients are selecting standalone ERs for medical care. In short, patients should know that no matter which emergency room you choose —hospital or standalone—your health insurance cannot deny [...]

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4 Trending Summer Activities for Older Kids

It’s amazing how another school year has zipped right by. Speaking of zipping by, you’re probably already thinking of what activities to plan for the summer, like ziplining or road-tripping it to a beach somewhere. But what other activities are kids interested in these days? We have a few for you to consider, and some [...]

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2019 Memorial Day Events in Galveston

Galveston Island is full of sun, fun, sports, and live music for a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! Here, you’ll find a couple of Memorial Weekend events in Galveston you might be interested in. We’ve even included a special Memorial Day commemoration event at Seawolf Park to remind us of the real reason we celebrate Memorial [...]

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2019 Memorial Weekend: Short Road Trips from East Texas

Ready for the long weekend but don’t want to fly or drive too far? Because Hospitality Health ER  firmly believes that rest and relaxation is a must, we’ve compiled some ideas for Memorial Weekend road trips from East Texas. Memorial Weekend Road Trips from East Texas Memorial Weekend Brunch Train, Texas State Railroad Palestine Depot [...]

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A Few Facts You Didn’t Know About Celery: What’s In It and How to Prepare It

You won’t find many people who’ll claim to love celery. Rarely the star of the show, you’ll probably only eat it if it’s tucked away in turkey stuffing, or you might enjoy just a couple of bites with buffalo wings and lots of ranch. Despite its unfavorable reputation, celery should be a regular item on [...]

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4 Steps to Better Manage Stress

It's not hard to believe that more than half of Americans are concerned about their stress levels. Between 40-hour workweeks, raising kids, social media rants, along with everything life throws at us, it’s no wonder why most of us are fighting off anxiety. While some stress can be motivational, constant stress can harm both our [...]

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