October 2023

Lyme Disease Awareness: Recognizing the Symptoms and Seeking Timely Care

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In recent years, Lyme disease has become a growing concern across the United States, including cities in Texas such as Longview, Tyler, and Galveston. As summer approaches and people begin to hike, camp, and spend more time in nature, it's essential to raise awareness about this tick-borne illness.  Hospitality Health ER, a local emergency room [...]

A Parent’s Guide to Torn ACL Injuries 

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As parents, we understand the health benefits of physical activities for children, but at the same time, we want our kids to stay safe at all times—a guarantee that does not exist in competitive sports. If your child plays a sport, some of the most common sports-related injuries to watch out for are rotator cuff [...]

Rotator Cuff Injuries: Tips for Prevention and Recovery

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Protecting your shoulder health is a must, whether you're an athlete or you are regularly engaged in physically demanding work. The shoulder's ball-and-socket joint is consistently at risk when we lift, throw, or perform repetitive overhead motions—leaving us susceptible to rotator cuff injuries. Want a worry-free season, game, workout, or on-the-job experience? Let’s explore how [...]

August 2023

Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses During Summer Months

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Summertime in Texas calls for fun in the great outdoors, but we can’t ignore the scorching heat and relentless humidity.. The high temperatures and humidity can put people at risk for heat-related illnesses, which can range from mild dehydration to life-threatening heatstroke. As a local emergency room in Galveston, Tyler, and Longview, Texas, we’re here [...]

Understanding the Recent Malaria Outbreak in Texas and Florida

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This Summer, an alarming development has taken place in the United States, with the diagnosis of five cases of local transmission of malaria in Florida and Texas. These cases mark the first instances of local transmission in the country in the past two decades, sparking concerns among residents and prompting state and federal officials to [...]

Texas and The West Nile Virus: Stay Alert

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Here on the island, mosquitoes are a fact of life. Texas families need to stay vigilant because these insects aren’t just pesky—they’re carriers of several viruses, like West Nile virus (WNV) and malaria. Unfortunately, more and more cases of WNV are popping up around Texas and Florida this year, and when left untreated, West Nile [...]

June 2022

Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke: Two Hot Weather Health Risks Never to Ignore

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How High Temperatures Create Health Risks and How to Handle Heat-Related Emergencies No matter how consistently you slather on a high SPF sunblock before going out, above a certain temperature you remain vulnerable to the health effects of high heat and humidity like heat exhaustion and heatstroke. These hot weather health risks that can sneak [...]

December 2020

Can This Sharp Pain be a Hernia? – Here are 3 Important Questions Answered

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Having a hernia can be oh so painful! But how do you know it’s not just a pulled muscle? The most common form of hernias occur in males, where you’ll typically feel it bulging out of the groin or scrotum. It will first feel like a round, small lump, and it may grow in size [...]

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November 2020

Bacterial Meningitis Q & A by an ER Center in Longview

By |2022-03-19T14:38:43-05:00November 21st, 2020|Emergency Medicine, Internal Health|

You’ve heard that meningitis can be a scary thing, and you know it has something to do with the brain and spinal cord, but what is it exactly? Meningitis is an inflammation of the tissues (meninges) that surround the brain and spinal cord. Although it isn’t as common as other illnesses like the flu or [...]

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Allergic Reactions: Is it Anaphylaxis and do you go to the ER?

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An allergic reaction can range from something as harmless as a rash or watery eyes, to more serious conditions like anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is life-threatening because it causes your blood pressure to drop and narrows your airways. What's the result? You have a hard time breathing. When should you go to the ER? Right away! This [...]

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